A favor, would you be open minded to help us complete this TIMELY and RELEVANT film project ? No amount is too small to become one of our investor partners. As an Investor partner(s): ??100% of the initial net revenue generated from the film will go directly first to the investor partners, on a prorated basis until they have recouped 120% of their investment (i.e., Investor partner(s) to receive $12,000 from an investment of $10, 000) ??After each investor partner has recouped his/her initial investment, any additional net profit earned from the film , the investor partners will receive 50% (divided amongst investor partners on a prorated) for 10 years starting on the official release date of the film. Please contact me ( producer) to discuss at: Email: [email protected] Contact #: 1-240-601-6798 Or check this link for more info: https://www.transenddaens.com/projects TOGETHER, we can make this film a reality and be a part of a movement that gives voice to the voiceless, marginalized & underrepresented. FollowLeadLove Production Company:Trān-sēnd'Dæns Director: Award Winning and Emmy Nominee Brian Thomas Producer: Brian Rubiano Production Asst/Social Media Manager: Mason Chapello STARS OF THE DOCUMENTARY (Main Subjects): Kristine Bendul & Abdiel Cedric Jacobsen Link to video: https://youtu.be/zQfdhrv6RQE