This year has been a crazy one forsure. There was some highs and some definitive lows. Balancing education and work commitments has been a challenge for allot of people but I think we have adapted and emerged stronger people in the end.

United we stand we can fight this and push through. ?

For me personally 2020 has been full of unexpected surprises. One major development came in the form of international recognition by some of the top film festivals in the world. I'm thankful for receiveing a total of 20 wins (IMDB acknowledged) at festivals all around the globe. This recognition is something I never thought I'd see (let alone in 2020) but here we are. I would like to thank my family, and friends, and everyone who stood by me through the years ❤️ Here's to making more magic happen in 2021. Hope everyone has a prosperous and happy new year!! ?