Contact Information
PO Box 1125
Flagstaff Hill, Australia

Basic Information
Birth Date
April 30, 1969

Work and Education
Producer / EP / Line Producer
8 years

At the age of 13, I was introduced to photography on a professional level and later, continued to study the art at a deeper level. I have always loved creating a beautiful picture.

I was adopted shortly after birth and raised an only child in a single parent family. Ironic given that is exactly the reason I was adopted - so that I wasn't raised that way.

From the age of 4, I was a stage performer of ballet, calisthenics and drama, eventually ending that career at age 13.

Upon commencing film making in 2012, I have Directed and Produced a short film, a documentary and am working on a feature documentary and tv series/feature film.

To date, I have also authored and published The Little Book of Adoption.

I'm highly organised, creative, passionate and determined. I have combined my strengths and circumstances and channelled them into the film making industry to create artistic works which convey depth meaning on behalf of and for others.