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INDEPENDENT FILM FESTIVAL: expectation-vs-reality

Independent film festivals are the place independent cinema makers and lovers of indie film flock to. Independent film festivals are the home of many of the best-hidden treasures. However, if you have never been to top international film festivalsit is important to know about the film festival and its advantages and disadvantages. If you are a first-timer then you might have some expectations; however in reality they are not accurate. Here are six independent film festival expectations that play out a little differently in real life.

1. You’ll See 100 Movies

Whether it’s the biggest film festival or not, hundreds of movies come to a film festival, it’s impossible to see all of them. You will not be able to see all of the films, quite naturally. And you shouldn’t be ashamed of not watching all of them. Half the fun of attending a film festival is that you don’t know which films to choose from. Many of these films have never screened before, very few of them have trailers to view, which leave audiences using their instinct.

2. You’ll Party With Celebrities

Well, this isn’t outside the realm of possibilities. There will be celebrities but getting into a party with them is a bit tough.

3. You’ll Make Connections

This is straight-up crazy. Hollywood execs have better things to do than make small talk with strangers peeing on the urinal. Of course, you will meet someone of importance at screening but making connections is not easy.

4. You’ll Gain 10 Pounds

Whether it's short film festivals or big independent film festivals, you always end up sitting in the theaters all day with one hand in a bucket of buttery popcorn, and the other around in the candy bar will certainly pack on the pounds