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Film Festival Calendar 2024: Upcoming Film festivals

Seattle International Film Festival

It is one of the largest film festivals in the world, and features a diverse assortment of predominantly independent films and foreign films, and a strong contingent of documentary films. The Seattle International Film Festival has awarded the Golden Space Needle award each year to the film festival's most popular movie. If you're a film buff looking for something different, it's a great opportunity to discover new favourites.

Dates- May 9 – May 27, 2024


Diverse films: With hundreds of films from 84 countries, there's a strong chance of finding something that interests you, from international feature films to independent films.

Hybrid format: This year offers both in-person film screenings (May 9th-19th) and virtual film streaming options (May 20th-27th) for flexibility.

Acclaimed selections: Some films generating buzz include "Thelma" starring June Squibb, the A24 drama film "Sing Sing", and Ilana Glazer's directorial debut "Babes."


Overwhelming choices: With so many films, picking what to watch can be daunting. Researching the lineup beforehand is key.

Ticket Availability: Popular film screenings may sell out, so booking in advance is recommended, especially for in-person events.

Taste in Cinema: SIFF focuses on international cinema and independent films, which may not be everyone's cup of tea.


Vienna Shorts

Vienna Shorts, a cornerstone of the European short film scene, is gearing up for its 2024 edition, promising a week-long immersion into the power of concise filmmaking. The film festival's strength lies in its sheer volume and diversity. With over 300 films screened, Vienna Shorts caters to a wide range of films.

Dates- May 28th - June 2nd, 2024


Dozens of films across various genres: With over 300 films screened, you're bound to find something that interests you, whether it's animation cinema, documentary movie, or drama film.

Award recognition: The film festival juries select the best films, so you can be confident you're watching high-quality cinema.

Online viewing options: In addition to physical film screenings, there might be an online option to catch some of the films.


Difficulty choosing: With so many films, it might be overwhelming to decide which ones to watch.

Ticket availability: Especially for popular film screenings, tickets might sell out quickly.


Sydney Film Festival

The Sydney Film Festival is an annual film festival held in Sydney, Australia. It is one of the leading film festivals in Australia and takes place each June over 12 days. The film festival showcases a wide variety of films, including feature films, documentary cinema, short films, and retrospectives. It also includes a series of film industry talks and events

Dates- June 5 - June 16, 2024


Diverse films: The film festival is known for showcasing a wide variety of films from around the world, including feature films, documentary films, short cinema, and retrospectives. This means there's something for everyone.

Award recognition: The competition at the film festival is endorsed by FIAPF, a well-respected international film organization. Winning an award here can be a sign of a high-quality film.

Strong Australian presence: The film festival celebrates Australian filmmaking with a dedicated program and awards. This is a great chance to see homegrown talent.

Industry events: The film festival offers film industry talks, film industry discussions, and film industry networking opportunities for film lovers and film industry professionals.


Film selection: With so many films, there's always a chance you won't be interested in everything that's playing. Research the film festival program beforehand to find films that appeal to you.

Ticket prices: Film festival tickets can be expensive. Consider concession options or attending free outdoor film screenings to save money.

Crowds: The film festival is quite popular, which means crowded movie theatres and long lines. Be prepared for this, or consider attending film screenings at less popular times.


Brussels International Film Festival

The Brussels International Film Festival, also abbreviated as BRIFF, is an annual event that celebrates cinema in Brussels, Belgium. BRIFF showcases a variety of films, with a focus on arthouse cinema and highlighting both established filmmakers and emerging filmmakers.

Dates- 25 June – 3 July 2024


Focus on Arthouse Cinema: If you enjoy independent cinema, artistic films, BRIFF is a great choice. It showcases films outside the mainstream cinema, offering a unique cinematic experience.

Diversity: The film festival features films from around the globe, giving you a chance to discover international cinema and different filmmaking styles.

Support for New Talent: BRIFF highlights aspiring filmmakers alongside established directors, offering a fresh perspective.

Events and Programs: The film festival goes beyond just film screenings, often including film industry talks, film industry workshops, and programs for young film audiences and film industry professionals, creating a well-rounded experience.


Limited Mainstream Appeal: With a focus on arthouse cinema, BRIFF might not be for everyone, especially those preferring Hollywood blockbuster films or big-budget film productions.

Language Barrier: Many films are likely in their original languages with subtitles, so this could be a hurdle for film viewers who don't speak those languages.

Ticket Availability: Depending on the popularity of a film or film industry event, tickets might sell out quickly.


Melbourne Documentary Film Festival

The Melbourne Documentary Film Festival (MDFF) is an annual film industry event that showcases documentary cinema from around the world. It is held in Melbourne, Australia. The MDFF is a great opportunity to see some of the best documentary films that have been made, and to meet the filmmakers who made them

Dates- 11 July - 31 July, 2024


Critically Acclaimed Films: Look for documentary films that have won awards at other film festivals or received positive reviews from major publications. These are strong indications of the quality of the film.

Crowd-Pleasing Topics: Documentary movies that explore popular themes like social justice, true crime, or inspiring scripts tend to resonate with a wider film audience.

Strong Visuals and Storytelling: A documentary film's impact can be significantly boosted by beautiful cinematography and a compelling script structure.


Niche Topics: Documentary films focusing on highly specialized subjects might be less engaging for a general film audience.

Slow Pacing or Lack of Focus: Some documentary films struggle to maintain a gripping pace or a clear central theme, leading to film viewer disinterest.

Negative Reviews: If you find reviews criticizing a film's direction, editing, or lack of new information, it might be a miss for you.


Fantasia International Film Festival

The Fantasia International Film Festival, also known as Fantasia-fest, FanTasia, and Fant-Asia, is a genre film festival that has been based mainly in Montreal since its founding in 1996. It focuses on niche, low budget movies in various genres, from horror films to sci-fi cinema.

Dates- 18 July – 4 August 2024


Genre Focus: Fantasia caters to a niche film audience interested in genre films like horror films, sci-fi movies, and fantasy cinema, providing a platform for these films often overlooked by mainstream film festivals.

Large and Engaged Audience: The film festival attracts over 100,000 attendees, making it a significant event for genre film enthusiasts.

Supporting Independent Cinema: Fantasia actively promotes independent filmmakers and helps launch their careers as a filmmaker by showcasing their films.

Industry Marketplace: The Frontières co-production market connects filmmakers with potential film financiers and film distributors, crucial for independent film production.


Limited Appeal: The genre focus might not appeal to everyone; those interested in mainstream cinema or art-house cinema might find the offerings too niche.

Scheduling Conflicts: Held in July/August, Fantasia might clash with other summer film festivals, making it difficult for film-goers to attend both.

Accessibility: Since it takes place primarily in Montreal, attending the film festival might be difficult for international film enthusiasts due to travel limitations.


Melbourne International Film Festival

The Melbourne International Film Festival (MIFF) is an annual film festival held over three weeks in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. It is the largest film festival in Australia and one of the oldest in the world. The film festival screens films from both Australia and around the world, with a focus on independent cinemas, documentary films, and foreign language films.

Dates- 8 August - 25 August, 2024


See World Cinema: The film festival showcases a wide range of international films, including independent cinema, documentary films, and arthouse feature movies. This is a great chance to discover new film directors and styles you might not otherwise encounter.

Festival Atmosphere: Immerse yourself in the excitement of film! The film festival buzzes with cinema enthusiasts and offers a chance to meet other film enthusiasts and share your thoughts on the movies.

Special Events: The film festival includes Q&A sessions with film directors, actors, and other film industry professionals. These can provide unique insights and perspectives on the films.

Support the Industry: Attending the film festival helps support independent filmmaking and international filmmaking, which often struggles to compete with mainstream Hollywood fare.


Ticket Costs: The film festival tickets can be expensive, especially for film premieres and galas. Consider concession passes or package deals to save money.

Limited Screenings: Popular films can sell out quickly. Be prepared to book tickets in advance or choose less hyped options.

Film Selection: Not every film will be a masterpiece. There's always a risk of disappointment, especially with unfamiliar directors or genres.

Time Commitment: The film festival can be overwhelming with so many films to choose from. Factor in travel and queuing times when planning your schedule.


Venice International Film Festival

The Venice International Film Festival is the world's oldest film festival. It is held annually in late August or early September on the island of Lido in the Venice Lagoon. It is considered one of the most prestigious film festivals in the world. The film festival's goal is to "raise awareness and promote international cinema in all its forms, including art, entertainment and industry, in a spirit of freedom and dialogue."

Dates- 28 August – 7 September 2024



Prestige and History: Being the oldest film festival, Venice holds a special place in cinematic history. Winning the Golden Lion is a huge honour for filmmakers, and the film festival itself attracts major international attention.

Focus on Arthouse Cinema: Unlike some film festivals that cater more to mainstream blockbuster films, Venice showcases a wider range of international art-house films. This can be a great opportunity to discover new and innovative film directors.

Beautiful Location: Venice itself is a stunning city, and the film festival takes place on the Lido, a beach island that offers a glamorous and unique setting.

Film industry Hub: The film festival is a major gathering place for film industry professionals, which can be a great opportunity for networking and deal-making within the film industry.


Selectivity: Because of its prestige, the film festival can be very selective about the films it accepts. This can make it difficult for aspiring filmmakers to get their films seen.

Emphasis on Arthouse: While a plus for some, the focus on arthouse films can mean that there are fewer mainstream cinemas or Hollywood movies shown.

Cost: Attending the film festival can be very expensive, as it coincides with peak tourist season in Venice.

Crowds: The film festival can be quite crowded, making it difficult to navigate the city and access film screenings.

Competition Focus: The competitive nature of the film festival can overshadow the collaborative aspects of filmmaking.


Fantastic Fest

Fantastic Fest is an annual film festival held in Austin, Texas, that specializes in genre films such as horror films, science fiction cinemas, fantasy movies, action films, Asian movies, and cult films. It is considered the largest genre film festival in the United States. The film festival is known for its world film premieres, unforgettable parties, and mind-blowing experiences.

Dates- 19 September - 26 September 2024


Genre focus: For lovers of genre films like horror films, sci-fi cinema, fantasy films, action movies, and cult classics, Fantastic Fest is a dream come true.

World premieres: The film festival is known for showcasing a high number of world film premieres, giving the film festival attendees a chance to see cutting-edge films before anyone else.

Unforgettable parties: Fantastic Fest is legendary for its wild and crazy parties that take place throughout the film festival. It's a great way to meet other film enthusiasts and have a memorable experience.

Unique experiences: The film festival goes beyond just film screenings, offering interactive film industry events, special effects experiences, and other surprises that make it unlike any other film festival.

Strong film community: Fantastic Fest fosters a strong sense of film community among film festival attendees. You will be surrounded by other passionate film enthusiasts who are excited to discover new movies together.


Intensity: The film festival is known for being intense, with long days filled with film screenings, parties, and film industry events. It might not be for everyone, especially those who prefer a more relaxed film festival experience.

Focus on genre: If you're not a big fan of genre films, Fantastic Fest might not be the best fit for you. The film festival programming is heavily focused on these types of movies, with little room for other genres.

Cost: Badges for Fantastic Fest can be expensive, and travel and accommodation costs can add up as well.

Crowds: The film festival is very popular and can get crowded, especially during film screenings and parties. Be prepared for long lines and close quarters.

Limited accessibility: Fantastic Fest takes place entirely at one theatre location, which might not be accessible for everyone with mobility limitations.


New York Film Festival

The New York Film Festival (NYFF) is one of the most prestigious film festivals in the United States, held annually in New York City. It showcases the best in world cinema, featuring top films from celebrated filmmakers as well as aspiring filmmakers.

Dates- September 27 - October 13, 2024


Curated Selection: The NYFF is known for its high standards and selective process. This means you're likely to see films that are critically acclaimed and representative of the best in world cinema.

Focus on Auteur Cinema: The film festival highlights films by established directors with a unique vision, giving cinema enthusiasts a chance to deep dive into the films of these masters.

Festival Atmosphere: Attending the NYFF can be a great way to experience the excitement of cinema alongside other passionate film enthusiasts. There are often opportunities to see Q&As with film directors and other film industry professionals.


Limited Scope: By design, the NYFF focuses on a curated selection of films. This means you might miss out on some emerging filmmakers or genres that are not represented.

Ticket Availability: Tickets to the NYFF can be hard to come by, especially for opening nights and galas.

Focus on Established Names: While the auteur focus is a plus for some, it might not be for everyone. If you are looking to discover aspiring filmmakers, the NYFF might be less exciting.


Zurich International Film Festival

The Zurich Film Festival (ZFF) is an annual film festival that has been held in Zürich, Switzerland, since 2005. The film festival's main focus is to promote emerging filmmakers from all over the world. The ZFF is a great opportunity to see new films from around the world and to meet filmmakers from all walks of life. The film festival also offers a variety of other film industry events, including film industry workshops, film industry panels, and parties.

Dates- 3rd October -13th October, 2024


Strong Selection of Films: The ZFF focuses on showcasing budding filmmakers, often grabbing buzzy titles fresh from other film festivals like Venice or Toronto.

Industry Recognition: The film festival's timing in the fall season positions it well to attract award contenders and films generating international interest.

A-List Guests and Premieres: The ZFF is known for attracting established actors and film directors, adding glamour and star power to the film industry event.

Boutique Festival Experience: Compared to larger film festivals, ZFF offers a more intimate atmosphere, allowing for better access to films and potentially filmmakers.


Limited Scope: The focus on new filmmakers, while exciting, might mean missing out on established or big-budget studio films.

Overshadowed by Bigger Festivals: ZFF falls between the prestigious Venice and Toronto film festivals, which draws away some of the biggest film premieres or film industry buzz.

Less Publicity: Due to its size and focus, ZFF might not have the same level of global publicity as some other major film festivals.


San Diego International Film Festival

The San Diego International Film Festival (SDIFF) is an independent film festival held annually in San Diego, California. The film festival showcases independent cinemas and international films, with a focus on supporting filmmakers through connections, education, and exposure. The film festival is a competitive event, with films nominated and voted upon by an impartial jury of filmmakers, film industry professionals, film festival programmers, and film enthusiasts.

Dates- October 16th - 20th October, 2024


Strong focus on Independent Cinema: SDIFF champions independent films, providing a platform for these voices to be heard and fostering a vibrant independent film scene in San Diego.

Award Recognition: The film festival's competitive nature with prestigious awards like the Golden Eagle attracts quality films and filmmakers, enhancing its reputation.

Industry Exposure: SDIFF offers a chance for independent filmmakers to connect with film industry professionals and gain valuable exposure for their cinema.

Celebrity Appearances: The red-carpet events and potential for film industry professional sightings add to the glamour and excitement of the film festival.

Diverse Selection: The film festival showcases a wide variety of independent movies and international films, catering to a broad range of film enthusiasts.


Limited Reach: Compared to larger international film festivals, SDIFF might have a more limited film audience reach.

Ticket Prices: The film festival passes and tickets can be expensive, potentially excluding some film lovers.

Focus on Fall Season: The film festival's fixed schedule in the fall might not be ideal for everyone's preferences.

Accessibility: Depending on venues, there might be limitations on accessibility for attendees with disabilities.


Austin Film Festival

The Austin Film Festival is an organization in Austin, Texas, that champions the work of film writers, filmmakers and other film industry professionals. The film festival offers film industry panels, film industry workshops, and networking opportunities for screenwriters, filmmakers, and other film industry professionals.

Dates- October 24th – October 31st,2024


Strong Focus on Screenplay: For screenwriters and aspiring filmmakers, the Austin Film Festival is a haven. Its reputation as the "Writer's Festival" means a strong focus on the core element - the screenplay - which can be a big advantage.

Award-Winning Screenplay Competition: The Austin Film Festival's screenplay competition is one of the largest in the world. Winning or placing well can significantly boost your career by getting your script noticed by film industry professionals.

Access to Industry Professionals: The conference attracts established screenwriters, producers, agents, and other filmmaking bigwigs. This creates opportunities to networking within the film industry.

Focus on Craft: The film industry panels, film industry workshops, and classes delve deep into the craft of screenwriting and filmmaking. This is a fantastic way to hone your skills and gain valuable knowledge.

Supportive Film community: The Austin Film Festival fosters a welcoming and supportive atmosphere for aspiring filmmakers as well as established filmmakers.



Competition Can Be Fierce: The sheer volume of film entries in the screenplay competition makes it extremely competitive. Breaking through can be tough.

Cost: The cost of attending the conference and film festival can be a barrier for some aspiring filmmakers.

Limited Focus on Production: While the film festival offers some filmmaking elements, the core focus is on screenplays.


Geographic Focus: Located in Austin, Texas, the film festival might be geographically inconvenient for some filmmakers.


Stockholm International Film Festival

The Stockholm International Film Festival is one of the leading film festivals in Europe. With a passion for visionary filmmaking, the film festival keeps on pushing forward the boundaries of cinema. Since its start, the Stockholm International Film Festival has focused on supporting aspiring filmmakers through competitions and scholarships.

Dates- November 6th - November 17th, 2024


Focus on New Talent: A third of the films screened are by debut directors or those with limited experience, fostering aspiring filmmakers in cinema.

Supporting Female Filmmakers: The Stockholm Film Festival’s Feature Film Award provides funding for a feature film by a promising female director.

International Recognition: The film festival attracts hundreds of filmmakers and film industry professionals, giving Swedish film audiences a chance to see a wide variety of international cinema.

Prestigious Awards: The Bronze Horse is a well-regarded award and the heaviest film festival award globally.

Audience Engagement: With film industry seminars, galas, and opportunities to meet filmmakers, the film festival offers a dynamic experience for cinema enthusiasts.


Limited Timeframe: Held only in November, the film festival might miss out on year-round cinema enthusiasts interested in film screenings.

Focus on European Films? There's no mention of specific efforts to showcase global cinema outside Europe.

Accessibility: Information on ticket prices and availability for the general public attending the film festival can be barrier for attending the film festival.



It is an annual documentary film festival in New York City. The film festival is the country's largest documentary film festival with over 300 films and film industry events and 250 special guests.

Dates- November 13th - December 1st, 2024


Selection & Recognition: DOC NYC boasts a massive selection of documentary films (over 300 films) and regularly features films that go on to critical acclaim.

Industry Access: DOC NYC offers opportunities for filmmakers to connect with film financiers, film distributors, and other film industry professionals through DOC NYC PRO, which runs concurrently with the film festival.

New York City Setting: The film festival takes place in iconic New York City venues, making it a vibrant and exciting experience for film enthusiasts.


Ticket Prices: Documentary film festivals might have ticket prices that are not accessible to everyone.

Travel Costs: For those outside of New York City, travel and accommodation can add significant cost.

Sheer Volume: With hundreds of films, it can be overwhelming to navigate the film festival program and choose which films to see.


International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam

The International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam is the world's largest documentary film festival. It's an annual event held in Amsterdam, Netherlands, that showcases the best in creative documentary films.

Dates- November 13th – November 24th, 2024


Extensive Selection: IDFFA boasts a massive collection of documentary films, giving you a chance to find something that truly interests you on a specific topic or filmmaking style.

Award Recognition: Winning an IDFFA award is a big deal in the documentary film world. Attending the film festival allows you to see films that are at the forefront of documentary filmmaking.

Film industry Hub: IDFFA attracts a large number of filmmakers, film industry professionals, and film distributors. It is a great place to network and connect with people in the field of documentary films.

Festival Atmosphere: Immerse yourself in the world of documentary films with lectures, film industry workshops, and discussions alongside the film screenings.


Choice Overload: With so many films, it can be overwhelming to decide what to watch.

Ticket Prices: Attending the prestigious film festival can be expensive, with ticket prices potentially adding up quickly.

Language Barrier: Not all films will be in English, and subtitles might not always be available.

Competition for Tickets: Popular film screenings can sell out quickly, so you might miss out on something you were interested in seeing.

Travel and Accommodation: Depending on where you're coming from, travel and accommodation costs in Amsterdam can be high.




Cairo International Film Festival

The Cairo International Film Festival (CIFF) is one of the most prestigious film festivals in the Arab world, Africa and the Middle East. It is the oldest and only international competitive feature film festival in the region.

Dates- 13th November – 22nd November, 2024


Prestige and Recognition: CIFF is the oldest and only recognized international competitive feature film festival in the Arab world, Africa and the Middle East. This recognition attracts renowned filmmakers and high-quality films.

Platform for Arab Cinema:

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