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Top 5 International Film Festivals around the World

The film is an avenue through which you can tell your story. It is a poignant, and stimulating way of
telling a story that stirs up human emotion. So, international film festivals, or be it any film
festivals are the perfect way to render and uphold your movie. International Film Festivals not
only talk about blockbusters but equally celebrates the excellence of short films,
documentaries, and independent movies. This is what makes film festivals an even more special
event. A film festival fortuitously brings together tropes of artists, musicians, critics, directors,
producers, and aficionados. There are several International Film Festivals that take place every
year. So here is the list of the top 5 international film festivals around the world.
Sundance International Film Festival: Arguably one of the most famous film festivals. Founded
by Robert Redford in 1981. All Hollywood A-listers attend this festival. It is held in City Park,
Utah every year in January. It successfully pulls together a great list of artists, critics, and ardent
devotees. It started out relatively with a low profile but with passing years it has become one of
the most prestigious International Film Festivals that Hollywood and international movies.
Toronto International Film Festival: Every year in September the Toronto International Film
The Festival is held. It is North America's most attended festival. Here in this festival, the attendees
give out the awards and not the jury. It gives a platform to filmmakers from around the world
to interact with their audience.
Berlin International Film Festival: Annually held in February this film festival is also referred to
as ‘Berlinale’. It is an open to public film festival and screens over 400 movies each year. The
tickets are sold to the public over the internet with ticket prices starting from 13 Euros.
Renowned filmmakers to independent film professionals, everyone competes here for the
Golden Bear.
Venice Film Festival: Venice International Film Festival is the oldest film festival in the world
instituted in 1932. Set in the picturesque location of Venice, this International Film Festival
historically opened with some of the Oscar-worthy films. Entry fees can range from 5 to 30 euros
for individual screening and 1600 for festival passes.
Cannes Film Festival: Without a doubt, Cannes International Film Festival is the most popular
and prestigious film festival of all time. It is the most exclusive international film festival in the
world. This takes place annually in the South of France in May. Stiff competition is there
among the worthy contenders to win the prestigious Palme d'Or. Not only to the movie
screenings but every eye is also glued to the red carpet event which is the most talked-about
red carpet event around the world.
Each film festival has its own unique contribution to the world of cinema. These International
Film Festivals give a platform to rising and talented artists to portray their art in front of the
entire world.