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WFCN Introduces Professional Networking : Beginning of a New Era

Since the onset of social media platforms, the world has moved faster, more efficiently and people have been able to connect in such a manner that ensures you are never alone. 

Send a text at the click of a button; connect with people you’ve lost touch with; shop without having totravel excessively – all of this is possible because of the internet facilitating networking. 

Face-to-face networking was imperative in the times before the coming of the internet, and also a few years after. 

Making contacts and professional connections are all about building relationships and trust. 

WFCN incorporates the idea of social networking, building professional connections while possessing an enormous database of films to peruse through.

A revolutionary facility built solely for crystal-clear communication between film festivals and film submitters, WFCN has a direct-chat facility enabling real-time communication. 

Film professionals working in the film industry can connect with other professionals, hire them and also promote their films. Imagine someone making a film in Kenya. Bringing an entire film crew to a new city or even a whole other continent is not easy. You will incur expenses and have to go through several middlemen to achieve this and even then there will be difficulties. 

Instead of going through tensions of this kind, you could simply look through WFCN for the kind of film professionals you require. With the help of a revolutionary new platform,you needn’t spend a whole lot of money and effort for this. Look through their workfolios and invite them to work with you. We believe in breaking of traditional barriers and bringing movie professionals from various different communities, together. 

Having already registered on WFCN you can easily search for professionals in your vicinity and invite them to work with you. It is as simple as that. The benefits of connecting on WFCN are many. You can invite people to collaborate with you on your projects, promote your work on the website and not to mention it is completely free for all. 

Your creative accomplishment and brilliance will be visible for all to see and appreciate. WFCN makes that possible. 

 Film submitters can submit to film festivals as well as promote their works on WFCN

As a film submitter, you have various projects ready to receive pomp and acclaim. You know, your work is good and you are enthusiastic about promotions. On WFCN, you can invite your friends to like and review your films. Treat your social page like your sounding board. Like and rate other professionals’ work.  

A comprehensive platform for film with everything you need to enhance and elevate your projects and chances of recognition.Create a page dedicated to your projects, promote it among your friends and film professional connections. Create your workfolio on WFCN to attract film festivals. You could receive invitations to submit to festivals looking for your kind of work and also be eligible for discount codes. There are several many fim festivals registered on  WFCN. All you need to do is search for your desired film festival based on your location and submit to them. Using WFCN’s direct chat facility, connect with a festival immediately and receive quick responses. WFCN exists merely as a facilitator for all film industry experts and film lovers. We aspire to be a one-stop platform for all film artistries

Building your film professional network and relationships is of utmost importance in this day and age. However, with the declining human contact digital film professional networking has surfaced and is proving to be the new-age communicative spearhead. 

Choose WFCN.

Grow your network and seize your path. 

By Stephanie Payne

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