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Your One Stop Solution for Networking & Submission of Films- WFCN

WFCN is a digital film platform designed for all film professionals to access and gain global opportunities for film festival submission and film distribution. It seeks to bring all the world's creative people together in a single film platform.

Free Submission

If you have a keen interest in filmmaking, then the WFCN platform is perfect for you. This is free for any creative professional. So if you are an independent filmmaker or an artist you can submit and participate easily in the film festival in the USA and India too.

Easy Submission Process

You can easily create your project page and once you click the submit button you are done. Simple and smart, this is a great solution for all creative people.

Full Transparency Maintained

Absolute transparency is maintained for all the film festivals and the submitters of the projects. So you can rest assured as you are extremely important to us.

Right Protection

We maintain and protect full rights to all your intellectual property. So you can be worry-free regarding your project details privacy.

Safe and Secure

Your work is absolutely in safe hands and is only accessible to festivals in which you wish to submit your details. Your details can never be downloaded or shared without your consent.

Track Submission Status

You can receive real-time status updates of the submissions done directly from the festivals in which you have submitted your entries.

Film Fraternity in a Single Click

WFCN brings together all artists, filmmakers, exhibitors, film producers, film distributors, festival curators, and other film professionals related to films together on a single film platform, where they can easily network among themselves and grow their business


Game Changer for Both Filmmakers and Festivals

WFCN can change the lives of independent filmmakers as you can get a ready network to connect with. Also by registering for the film festivals you can search for people easily and can use them for the best mutual business opportunities

World-Class Support

We have an expert customer service team who is ever ready to support you all with any needs and is ready to answer your queries promptly.

You can create your professional profile page with fully customized privacy settings, and also create a professional work folio that you may promote on social media and get followed by industry professionals across the globe.WFCN is a platform for the film community available online to discover, reach and discuss the film festivals in the USA and India.

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