Aflemha Online Film Festival

The first session - Women's Cinema

An annual online festival that takes place from 20 to 27 January of each year, starting with the first session 2021, and its activities, opening and closing ceremonies, and prize distribution are held in the open theater - and the Hanager Cinema at the Egyptian Opera House under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture

The Egyptian Cultural Development Fund - Egypt

Each session has a unified topic that collects advanced films for the festival that are determined by the festival administration - the first session (Women's Cinema)

Awards & Prizes:

Best Film Award (20,000 EGP)

Award for Best Director: (10,000 EGP)

Special Jury Prize: 5,000 EGP

Audience Award: Best Film: 5000

Best Actor Award (2000 EGP + Certificate of Appreciation).

Best Actress Award (2000 pounds + certificate of appreciation).

Best Editing Award (2000 EGP + Certificate of Appreciation).

Best Photography Award (2000 EGP + Certificate of Appreciation).

Award for best screenplay and dialogue (2000 pounds + certificate of appreciation)

The prizes are announced and awarded at the closing ceremony in the open-air theater at the Egyptian Opera House

Rules & Terms:

Entries for the Aflemha Online Short Film Festival 2021 are open for everyone. Participants under the legal age must submit a consent letter from their parent or guardian.

The Short Film Should be based on Women Cinema subject or concept. We are currently not accepting Music video and/or Advertising Films.

The short film can be in any language. However, all films must include sub-titles in English.

The total runtime of the Short Film, including opening & closing credits, should strictly be a minimum of 5 minutes and a maximum of 30 minutes.

All content used in the short film must be either owned or licensed. If any copyrighted material is used in the film, the participant must have the permission and submit a copy to the Festival Organizers.

The Last Date for Submissions is 10th January 2021

After 10th January 2021, we’ll begin out “Late Entry Submission” process, wherein you’ll be able to submit your short film for an additional entry fee of 200 EGP. The Late Entry Submission deadline is 15th JANUARY, 2021.

Short films must be uploaded to our WeTransfer account available at wetransfer.com or through other online services like Google Drive or Dropbox and must be made available for download to the festival organizers. YouTube & Vimeo links are not accepted.

Only Short Films produced & completed after 1st August 2020 are eligible for the festival.

Short Films that were submitted for any festival (s) into the 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019 are not eligible for entry again.

The Entry Fee is 500 EGP per film.

Multiple entries from the same participant are accepted, but each film must be accompanied by a separate form and entry fee.

The Aflemha Online Short Film Festival 2021 will be undertaken as an online-only event. The screening of all officially selected short films will be done online on a streaming, on-demand website purposefully built for Aflemha Online Short Film Festival. Participating short films will be made available for streaming to a private audience and the files will NOT be shared outside the screening website.

Aflemha Online Short Film Festival reserves the rights to copy or use the material submitted by the participants in any form, online or offline, for the festival’s promotional and archival purposes. Note that your entire short film will never be shared with anyone or uploaded online without your permission. We understand that filmmakers want to keep the films private, and we will honour that.

The short films that are selected for final screening will not be allowed to withdraw under any circumstances until the festival is over.

Judges’ decision will be final and binding.

Festival Organizers and Aflemha Online Short Film Festival reserve the right to change / modify / alter any rule or its part or event of this competition anytime.

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Dates & Deadlines
  • Opening Date
  • 31 DEC 2020
  • Notification Date
  • Event Date
Categories & Fees

5 minutes minimum 30 minutes maximum

31 DEC 2020 $100.00 USD

Entries Closed


31 DEC 2020 $100.00 USD

Entries Closed


31 DEC 2020 $100.00 USD

Entries Closed
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