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Mediterranean Film Festival. A journey through cultures.

A festival that celebrates the diversity and beauty of Mediterranean cultures through cinema and focuses on the different cultures of the Mediterranean, showing films that explore the traditions, stories and life experiences of the people.

“Gentium” is a Latin term that refers to “gentiums” or “peoples”. In the context of Roman law, “lus Gentium” was the set of rules based on natural reason (naturalis ratio) that were observed equally by all peoples. These rules were considered universal and applicable to all cultures and societies. Thus, in the context of the film festival, “Gentium” could symbolize the unity and common humanity of all Mediterranean cultures.

Objective: To promote the cultural and cinematic diversity of the Mediterranean, facilitate cultural and artistic exchange between countries in the region and provide a platform for emerging and established filmmakers.

GENTIUM FILM FEST will be more than just a film festival; it will be a cultural bridge connecting Mediterranean countries through art and creativity. With diverse and inclusive programming, the festival aims to celebrate the richness and complexity of the region, while promoting understanding and dialogue between its diverse communities.

Awards & Prizes

GRAND PRIX GENTIUM AWARD (Best feature ) Price

Rules & Terms

19 – 24 November 2024


Inaugural Edition GENTIUM FILM FEST “Journey through the cultures of the Mediterranean”


THE GENTIUM FILM FEST has as its main objective the commitment to promote knowledge, tolerance and cultural diversity through cinema. Represent cultural diversity through the selection of films that highlight stories from across the Mediterranean, offering audiences a window into the richness of human experiences. Promote cinema in any language not only as an artistic form, but also as a vehicle for intercultural understanding since linguistic diversity contributes to the richness of the cinematic landscape and global understanding, one of the most powerful means of cultural communication and bonding between cultures and peoples.

Gentium Film Fest, Journey through Mediterranean Culture, is an exciting opportunity for filmmakers from the countries of the Mediterranean basin. Here is a brief summary of the guidelines for participating in the competition:

Date and place:
The first edition will take place in Bisceglie, Puglia, Italy, from 19 to 24 November 2024.

Eligible participants:
Filmmakers from the following countries can participate in the competition: Albania, Algeria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Cyprus, Egypt, France, Greece, Israel, Italy, Lebanon, Libya, Malta, Monaco, Morocco, San Marino, Montenegro, Slovenia, Spain, Syria, Tunisia and Turkey.

The sections:
The Festival presents 4 competitive sections, with free themes: Feature Films, Documentaries and Short Films divided into: Women in Cinema, International Short Films. Non-competitive sections, tributes, meetings and testimonials

Registration for the Festival is valid only through the FILMFREEWAY, FESTHOME platform. There is a pre-selection fee. The deadline for registration for the pre-selection is 06/31/2024.

Eligible film categories:
Feature films, documentaries and short films are eligible. Short documentaries must not exceed 30 minutes in length, while feature films and documentaries must last more than 30 minutes.

Time requirements:
Films must have been produced after January 1, 2022.
Entry limits: Each author can enter a maximum of 2 films in the competition.
These guidelines should provide a clear understanding of the rules and criteria for participation in the Gentium Film Fest.


The selection of films is the responsibility of the selection committee. The films selected for the Gentium Film Fest will be included in the section deemed most relevant by those responsible for programming.

The selection committee will inform the participants via email and publication on the Festival website www.gentiumfilmfest.com

Gentium Film Fest does not recognize rental costs for the films selected in the two sections of the international competitions as registration is completely free. The shipping costs of physical media (DVD, USB or Hard Disk) to and from Tricase will be borne by the participants, unless specific agreements are made with the Festival organisation.


In the case of selected films, it is mandatory to provide the following material to the following email address: [email protected] : Short synopsis (150 max) – Synopsis (700-1000 max) – Press-kit – Director photo in HD – Director bio – 5 HD stills of the film – List of dialogues in English .srt format – Poster in pdf and/or jpg format – Film projection format – Trailer and clips from the film

The material sent for selection will not be returned and will be kept in the Gentium Film Fest archive

The permitted projection formats are: DCP, MP4/mov files.

It will be the festival's responsibility to produce the DCP for screening in theaters

mov h264 files: the Festival accepts files in mov h264 format (AAC-AC3 audio-mpeg audio; maximum bitrate 15000 b/s).

MP4/mov files: the Festival accepts only the mp4/mov format for online screening with the following requirements; Resolution: 1920×1080 | Frame Rate: 23.976 / 24 FPS recommended | 25 FPS | Codec: H.264 | mp4 / Subtitle format: .srt

b) The selected film files can be sent: via downloadable link (Google Drive, WeTransfer or Vimeo services) to the email address [email protected]

c) Films not in Italian must be subtitled in English.


Screening rights and musical rights are the responsibility of the author; participation in the call implies that the author grants the cultural and distribution rights for non-profit screenings. Registration for the Festival entails authorization to screen the work during the event. For any further use, the author will be contacted.

Acceptance of this regulation also implies that whoever registers the work actually has the rights over it.

Participants agree to the Festival's use of photos or extracts from their film (for a maximum of 3 minutes) for promotional use (press, TV, internet, etc.).


The works sent for pre-selection will not be returned, but used exclusively as archive material. The Association or Company identified by it, creator and producer of the Gentium Film Fest reserves the right to use the archived material for promotional purposes, without profit. With the request for participation, the author and/or those having any right to the work authorize its use for festival screenings, for study purposes and for exhibitions, for the sole purpose of promoting the event.

By registering, the participant authorizes the Gentium Film Fest to keep the work, if selected for participation in the Festival, in its archive and consents to access to these archives by professionals in the cinematographic and audiovisual sector previously authorized by Gentium Film Fest.

The signing of the regulation also provides for the granting of the rights to use the work both directly and indirectly, also through its sub-licensees, in the Territory indicated in the regulation solely for non-commercial/non-profit purposes (for example: to promote the Work and/or its authors, for cultural purposes, for institutional purposes of the Licensee and/or its sub-licensees, for training initiatives at educational institutions, etc.).

Completing the registration form indicates acceptance of this regulation in all its provisions. For any possible dispute, the Court of Lecce is

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Dates & Deadlines
Categories & Fees
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