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Golden Smile Film Festival
We have one rule: make the audience laugh!
The Golden Smile International Film Festival will take place on blue monday January 2022, Blue Monday.
The festival is open to all genres and styles, from slapstick to full-length features, silent films, sketches, short films, comical documentaries. There is only one rule: the audience should laugh. Humour is universal, it makes people attractive and fights prejudices.

Awards & Prizes

We have awards for all the genres.
The famous Golden Smile
• Best short comedy
• Best long Documentary with a smile
• Best short Documentary with a smile
• Best ultrashort Documentary with a smile
• Best Slapstick
• Best Silent comical film
• Best comical sketches
• Best comical hidden camera
• Best comical ultra short clips
• Best comical instruction films
• Best romantic comedy
• Best Tragic comedy
• Best cartoon
• Best comic Music film
• Best comic SF
• All the rest, all other moving pictures that make us laugh
• Are you serious? No light without darkness, a limited category for the serious films worth seeing.

Rules & Terms

Just one (not so easy) rule: Make the audience laugh.

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Dates & Deadlines
Categories & Fees
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