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Founded in 2019, Mannalon International Film Festival is a unique agricultural program driven by farmer philosophies and values. Mannalon International Film Festival is culturally responsive, Indigenous-run, anti-racist and generous by design. Our mission—to change the narrative by amplifying Farmer voices—is at the heart of who we are: Storytellers. We provide a platform from which Farmer can share their stories through film screenings, post-film discussions with community and industry professionals.

Along with the rest of the world we had to become more creative in our work of amplifying farmer voices. Our year long screenings of agricultural films took a detour from our brick and mortar venues and went to outdoor spaces and venues. Traditionally, our team would attend film festivals to watch films that we would bring back to Marcos, Ilocos Norte Philippines. In lieu of attending film festivals, we are reaching out via wfcn to find our 2021 line up of great agricultural made films.

Awards & Prizes:

Best Short Films 5 minutes or less
Best Narrative Scripted narrative projects not to exceed 20 minutes
Best Comedy Comedic short projects not to exceed 20 minutes
Best Documentary Documentary films not to exceed 20 minutes
Best Sci-Fi / Fantasy Films with Sci-Fi / fantasy themes. These films may also be entered in narrative and / or horror.
Best Horror Films with horror themes. These films may also be entered in narrative and / or Sci-Fi.

Best Overall High School Film
Best Overall College Film
Grand Jury Winner

Rules & Terms:

We require that all submissions be created by Native, Agri, and
First Peoples media artists (e.g. directors, producers, actors, editors, screenwriters)

All films and projects must have been made within the past 3 years or present.

Non-English films must have English subtitles.

Mannalon International Film Festival seeks to represent diverse programming seeking balance between entertainment and education, cultural and social relevance and stories that uplift and amplify the voices of the farmers. We consider all genres, narratives, story forms, are accepted and encouraged.

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