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General Information

Director: Marcello Crea

Duration: 1 hr 20 min 0 sec

Genres: Fiction, Television, Web / New Media



Submitted By: Marcello Crea

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  • Film Type
    Fiction, Television, Web / New Media
  • Genres
  • Runtime
    1 hours 20 minutes 0 seconds
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  • Student Project
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Director's Biography

He has worked with the Teatro Stabile del FVG, and at the Zelig in Milan. Author, director and interpreter of the new variety entitled "Atmosfere d'Avanspettacolo" (among the artists of the company Gigi Sabani and Enrico Beruschi).
He recited voice in various recitals including "Laboratorio D'Annunzio", from an idea by Giorgio Albertazzi, and "C'est pas la la fin du monde", with texts by Jacques Prevert, a show performed under the patronage of the Embassy of France.
He has worked in Rai and Mediaset productions. He collaborates with Paolo Magris with whom he wrote the book "Come was last" (Garzanti Editore); he was a consultant to the dramaturgy of the film "With the sea in your eyes" by P. Magris himself, which participated in the Rome Film Fest 2021.
Author, director and performer of When Everything Is Possible, the film is currently broadcast on the best international platforms, including Amazon Prime

Director's Statement

The new film All Broke had its international premiere in Serbia. It was broadcast on Sunday 26 February 2023 at 17 by the satellite broadcaster Sat TV (Orion TV). Due to popular demand, the film was re-run on Saturday 4th March at 11pm. The film, in the comic genre, paints a story set in the Italian province. We find, in an ironic key, a cross-section of today's society between selfies, broken dreams, money (which is missing) and power games. The characters in this story come from different places and cultures, a faithful mirror of today's Italy. In essence it is an Italian comedy which, however, follows the typical rhythms of US sitcoms. The collaboration on the film with the screenwriter Paolo Magris, son of the famous writer Claudio Magris, was important. A partnership that has produced several cinematographic works by participating in various film festivals, including that of Rome. In this film there are two famous Italian characters: Maria Giovanna Elmi, historical presenter of the Italian television Rai, known by all. And Andro Merkù: well-known showman and impersonator of the Italian television networks Mediaset and Radio Montecarlo.


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