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General Information

Director: Brian Thomas

Duration: 7 min 57 sec

Genres: Short


Country: United States

Submitted By: Brian Rubiano

Festival Rating

Dark Matter is a film that presents riddles that we as humans need to go through for it to be fully realized. If there were no wrong ,how would you recognize the right ? Without recognizing the sin, how would you know if it’s a virtue? Without the existence of evil deeds, how would you recognize goodness?

In the depths of UNBOUNDED POTENTIAL (Moses Alcid) a spark of curiosity gave birth to PRESENCE (Desmond Richardson). On his (PRESENCE) journey he moves through “Dark Matter” , one of the greatest mysteries of the universe. Opposing this is FEAR (Brit Hay) that manifests herself (FEAR) relentlessly scratching at the surface of his (PRESENCE) mind. PRESENCE must face this force, become one with it and transcend towards his highest self.

Dark Matter tells a story of a soul going through the pathways of darkness in order for it to progress towards a higher plane of existence. Light can only be seen upon attainment of the highest level of our evolution. Light can only be fully appreciated because of its co-existence with darkness. Hence, DARK MATTER...

  • Casts
    Brian Thomas
    Check https://www.brianthomasfilms.com/
  • Casts
    Desmond Richardson (Lead Character - PRESENCE )
    An iconic American Dance Professional who has mastered a wide range of dance forms and continues to give back as a Master Teacher worldwide. Richardson is a Presidential Scholar in the Arts and has graced the covers of various publications he was the fi
  • Casts
    Moses Alcid (Supporting -UNBOUNDED POTENTIAL)
  • Casts
    Brit Hay (Supporting-FEAR)
  • Editor
    Brian Rubiano
    Brian Thomas (Producer); Brian Rubiano (Post-Producer)
  • Editor
    Brian Thomas
  • Director of Photography
    Johnny Tsang
  • Original Music
    Edward Martin
  • Costume (Masks)
    Matthew Griffin
  • Make-Up
    Charles Zambrano
  • Other Creative Crew
    Chris Newsome
  • Other Creative Crew
    Kyle Thomas
  • Other Creative Crew
    Kristina Martinez
  • Film Type
  • Genres
    Short Film,Experimental ,Dance
  • Runtime
    7 minutes 57 seconds
  • Production Budget
    12500 USD
  • Country of Origin
    United States
  • Country of Filming
    United States
  • Film Language
  • Shooting Format
    Digital (Sony FS7 422HQ)
  • Aspect Ratio
  • Film Color
  • Student Project
  • First-time Filmmaker

Best Shorts Competition
United States
La Jolla, California
Award of Excellence- Special Mention

The Indie Gathering International Film Festival
United States
Cleveland, Ohio
2nd place Experimental Short Film Category

2020 Concepcion Independent Film Awards
Concepción, Bío Bío
WINNER-Best Experimental Short Film

9th Season of World Film Carnival

Director's Biography

Brian was nominated for an Emmy Award for his choreography for the Michael Jackson 30th Anniversary Special and received outstanding recognition from the national academy of television arts and sciences (Emmy Award) for his 10 years working as lead choreographer for PBS series, Sesame Street in 2010-2011. He was the Creative and Associate Director for Cirque Times Square for Cirque du Soleil. Brian is also the Producer/Director/Editor of the documentary Amy’s Victory Dance by SpinKick Pictures a company he owns and operates and was recently selected on Reel Abilities Film Fest New York and had its premiere virtual screening in April of 2020. He is also currently working on another documentary film project entitled FollowLeadLOVE under Transend'Daens Production

Director's Statement

“Everything in life is a movement towards our wholeness” -Tao Te Ching

I created the short film “Dark Matter”, after a series of events that completely turned my life upside down. I severely injured my back during a dance rehearsal and was left jobless. The dance studio I taught for over 15 years gave my class away and my choreography agency was undergoing restructuring of owners/management.

I approached my long time friend at that time who was starting a new agency about me becoming one of her agents. All the while I was thinking that becoming an agent will be a good transition for me from working as a professional dancer. That friend and I agreed for me to learn the ins and outs of being an agent without compensation for a year. However, after all the hardwork and dedication I put in to her agency (without pay), she decided that hiring an intern will be better and she will not be needing me anymore.

I consider that as one of my darkest hour knowing not only I felt betrayed by a person that I fully trusted. I went and experienced that dark place from within which I now call DARK MATTER. After a lot of patient introspections, looking from within me, glimmer of HOPE started to manifests. At that moment, I finally realized that darkest moment in my life is actually a GIFT.

At my core I am an artist and I have always wanted my own creative. I took the leap of faith, got a loan and started my own company...SpinKick Pictures in year 2017 and I couldn't be much happier for I know this is the path I am meant to be on.

This short film Dark Matter represents that moment of my life. It is a realization of if there is no dark, how would you know what is light?


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