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Once Upon a Time in Tel Aviv

A Tel Aviv love triangle between a stripper and two malicious gangsters, who happen to be best friends

Duration: 1 hr 7 min 0 sec

Genres: Feature, Fiction

Country: Israel

Director: Rafi Perach

Submitted By: frggh dgfhdh

Once Upon a Time in Tel Aviv Poster
A Tel Aviv love triangle between a stripper and two malicious gangsters, who happen to be best friends
  • Film Type
    Feature, Fiction
  • Genres
    Crime, comedy
  • Runtime
    1 hours 7 minutes 0 seconds
  • Production Budget
    5000 USD
  • Country of Origin
  • Country of Filming
  • Film Language
  • Shooting Format
  • Aspect Ratio
  • Film Color
  • Student Project
  • First-time Filmmaker

Director's Biography

Film maker, Writer, Composer

2021 / Once Upon a Time in Tel aviv (written and directed)

2014 / debut feature film- “Drugged Out Sexed Up”

2019 / published my first novel "the Rise and Fall of Shlomo"

List of shorts

2007 “Moderfuckers”- (written, directed) a Tel Avivian crime parody, my first short, was presented at the “shoot me” film festival (2007)

2009 “Sartan”- (edited ,produced, co-directed with Lear landau) - The last month in a cancer patient life as presented through the eyes and camera of his young son

2010 “Kitchen Creation”- (co-directed, edited, produced)- A gay TV lifestyle show host loses his mind and turns into a psycho serial killer, a criticising parody about media and consuming culture

Music Videos (selection)

M.e.s.s- ‘Dead in da head’ (directed, edited, composed)

Do you like my shoes- ‘Bad day’ (directed, edited)

Oran Zilberstein- ‘ועכשיו’ (directed, edited)

The Mummies and the Puppies- ‘Everybody’ (directed, edited)

Web Shows

The Savalases- (2014-2019)- Nonfucnctiong musicians and artists in the wrong side of Tel aviv

‘Zarzar’ (צרצר) (2007-2009) - Bored bunch getting bored at a Florentin’s (Tel aviv) living room (18 episodes)

Director's Statement

Featured Songs and Music in the Soundtrack

Turbans - I should have known
Love Grenade - Surfin' shoegazer
Ca ta combs
Rps Surfers - Revolution
Echo Bench - We'll Never Wake Up
Noga Shatz - Little boats- big demons
Orgad Marciano - Boy meets girl theme
Or Rimmer - Music
Oran Zilberstein - Finale
Rock Star
Additional Music by Rafi Perach

1 Reviews
  • Great movie.Our audience would enjoy it.It could participate in the awards.Keep it up

    13 Sep, 2021

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Laurels and Certificates
  • Berlin International Art Film Fest
  • Montreal Independent Film Festival
  • New York Independent Cinema Awards
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