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Praznik praznine / Glory of Emptiness
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General Information

Director: Jasmin Durakovic

Duration: 1 hr 35 min 50 sec

Genres: Feature, Fiction



Submitted By: Jasmin Durakovic

Festival Rating
Praznik praznine

“Glory of Emptiness” is a dramatic crime film situated in modern-day Sarajevo. The story revolves around a man who attempts to reconnect the scattered threads of his life through books he has lent to others and wishes to reclaim. These books not only embody his pursuit but also precipitate a series of tragic events and murders.

  • Directors
    Jasmin Durakovic
  • Writers
    Jasmin Durakovic
  • Producer
    Amira Kudumovic
  • Cast
    Jasmin Durakovic
  • Cast
    Senad Basic
  • Cast
    Ena Kurtalic
  • Cast
    Mirsad Tuka
  • Cast
    Izudin Bajrovic
  • Cast
    Haris Burina
  • Cast
    Tihomir Stanic
  • Cast
    Slaven Knezovic
  • Cast
    Belma Salkunic
  • Cast
    Vanesa Glođo
  • Cast
    Jusuf Hadzifejzovic
  • Film Type
    Feature, Fiction
  • Genres
  • Runtime
    1 hours 35 minutes 50 seconds
  • Production Budget
  • Country of Origin
  • Country of Filming
  • Film Language
  • Shooting Format
  • Aspect Ratio
  • Film Color
  • Student Project
  • First-time Filmmaker

Sarajevo Film Festival
Bosnia and Herzegovina
BH Film Selection

Mostar Film Festival
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Festival Premiere
Best Actors Award/Official Selection

Internationa film festival
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Bosnia Herzegovina Premiere
Grand Prix

Pula Film Festival
Eurorpean Premiere
Postproduction Award Selection

Festival of Author Film/FAF
Serbain Premiere
Specijal Screenings

Bosnia and Herzegovina: All Rights

Director's Biography

Jasmin Durakovic is film director, screenwritter and producer. His first two films „Nafaka“ (2026) and „Sevdah for Karim“ (2020) opened Official Selection of Sarajevo Film Festival and were shown on many International Film Festivals.His last film was „The Final Barrier“ (2016) was international cooproduction (Austria, Great Britany, United Kingdom, Bosnia, Croatia) about refugess crises in Europe. He was (co)producer of some important Bosnian and SEE cinematography (Fuse, Snow, The Tour and others) in last 20 years. He is meber of PEN.

Director's Statement

Sarajevo, the time of crisis of the human race is on the scene. Middle-aged Sado makes radical decisions - he leaves his wife,

family, mistress and does not know what a new life brings him. The only thing he brings with him to his new apartment are his old books,

but some are missing. But there’s a notebook with a list of debtors of his books. He starts looking for those people and books.

When He loses his job in the national museum, the socially lost Sado has the only foothold in his friendship with

an old conceptual artist Jusuf who sells a emptiness in his gallery. There is a student Maja who lives in his building and to whom he pays for sex.

People linking to the books he searches for in different ways are dying. It all becomes one very intricate story in which the circle of the dead expands.

Inspector Zlatko is investigating the case, and Sado, although not guilty, is slowly becoming a target.

Whether there is anything worth sacrificing in today's world without ideals and values ​​is a question that hangs over Sado,

but also with the audience in a story that begins as an existentialist drama and ends as a tense neo noir thriller.


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