About Us

WFCN-Canvas (onDemand) is a utopia for the creative filmmaker’s community.

WFCN- Canvas  (onDemand) is an exclusive digital platform for enthusiastic film professionals and film buffs to access worldwide probabilities on encouraging the research, production, co-production, and the accomplishment of independent Filmmaker for the audiences. It connects the producers, exhibitors, festival curators, and creative personalities for mutual benefits, reciprocity, and the flourish of industry.

WFCN- Canvas  (onDemand) is an online platform that aims at providing Filmmakers not only to monetize their artwork but also discover and reach a wider community of film professionals. The creation of this platform aspires for the exhibition of the workpieces of Cine-makers to numerous Cine-lovers.

The prime intent of WFCN- Canvas  (onDemand) marks the segregated promotion of independent films, and the Filmmaker community for recognition and earning from their piece of artwork and viewers’ database. Our belief is manifested in the thought that cinema holds the power to bring a new evolution and can promote the fundamental values of an independent filmmaker.