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10 everyday essentials for a filmmaker

A filmmaker must know the smart way to work with style in everyday life. Today’s updated world teaches us to work smart instead of only working hard. In this rat race of achieving the best in a short time, one needs to be updated and available every time. 

So, here are the 10 essential things that a filmmaker must have in daily life.

Good communication device

You need to have good communication with people, and, what can be more useful than having a good mobile phone in this case? You need to have a good wireless telephone as it is handy and can connect you easily with your connections. It can even work as your mobile production office.

Laptop with long battery life

A laptop is always handy and you can have all your essential documents and files ranging from your scripts to your editing fundamentals loaded in it and can easily access anywhere anytime you need. Just be sure it has a good battery life and internet connection.


Creating your own website is much needed these days. It adds an extra spark to your establishment. So get your own domain and build your own website to reach more people.


This is a must for all filmmakers as you all know very well. Without a good 360/VR camera filming is not going to be an easy task. So, a good camera is the first priority of a filmmaker.

Your own business promotion tools

You must own a business card. You need to be presentable enough to be a professional in any field. A business card adds value to your brand.

Socializing is a must

You must build a strong network to get a good reach. Building your own social networking group is of course mandatory.  You must be available on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social promotional apps.

A good speech steals the show

If you are shy of speaking, then sorry dear, this is not the right place for you. Media always runs on marketing and if you cannot pitch well you cannot survive here. So, upgrade your speech skills and participate in your films to bring the best out of them.

A good headphone is what you need

A filmmaker should also be updated with gadgets. You should have good headphones as you need to attend meetings. It is essential for a good filmmaker to have a good audio gadget as it is also a part of his daily work to listen to a lot of important stuff.


You must keep a record of all dates and timings of your events that would help you to grow your network.


Self-training is what makes you gather experience in this field. You need to train yourself by making films and in this run, you can learn from experienced filmmakers as well.