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About Us :

World Film Communities Network (WFCN) is a unique digital platform for film professionals and film lovers to access global opportunities in research, production, co-production, publicity, film festival submission, and distribution. It brings the producers, exhibitors, festival curators, and creative personalities of merits together under one single roof for the mutual benefit and growth of the industry.

WFCN is an online destination for the film community to discover, reach and discuss the film festival world. Festivals are valued by the film industry as the most explosive avenue for increasing contacts, enhancing collaborations through networking, and pursuing careers internationally. WFCN aims the creation of this same socialization, sharing, and support - online.

With our Professional networking, filmmakers can connect with the festivals and the rest of the film fraternity directly. Film enthusiasts can curate film pages, and groups to discuss, share, and motivate others. In short, we have something to offer everyone who loves cinema.


It is free for festival submitters.

Submitters can make their own promotional film page for free.

We are introducing professional accounts for film professionals.

Professionals would be able to showcase their portfolios for better hiring opportunities.

Free Film Groups and pages will be available for all the members.

We ensure the lowest price for festivals (Only 5%).

Every day there is a new festival in our database. 

We give access to the ever-growing movie database to one and all.

Transparent business policy is our strength.  

WFCN is strictly for the people working in or with a desire to work in film, television, or theatre-related industry. It's a place to gather, discuss and develop projects, to make the cast and crew connect with the directors and producers. All it takes to be a part of our community is the passion for cinema. 

Professional Networking

WFCN is a revolutionary platform to bring together all film professionals under one umbrella. We are the world’s largest creative community of Actors, film and TV crews, theatre professionals, child actors, voiceover artists, dancers, singers, musicians, models, and other film professionals.

 We offer services like Professional Networking, Free Work Portfolio, Free Festival Submission, Rating Films, Writing Reviews and Creating Film Pages and Groups. 

We exist because we believe that the best way to get independent films made and out into the world is to learn from others doing it themselves. And networking is most important if you want your film to be seen.

We support our members to promote themselves in WFCN network across the arts and media industries. We champion professionals as they take control of their careers. We have established the most dynamic integrated digital platform for independent artists all across the world.

WFCN is a venture of Metasapient, Inc., A multinational media company.