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About WFCN

World Film Communities Network (WFCN) - is an integrated platform for filmmakers to submit their films to the top international film festivals, collaborating with other film industry professionals and distributing their new movies. Besides, WFCN also serves as film festival database and Filmmakers’ database.

It is a platform for film professionals to access global opportunities in research, production, co-production, publicity, film festival submission, and distribution. It brings the producers, exhibitors, festival curators, and creative personalities together under one single roof for the mutual benefit and growth of the industry. Some say,

WFCN is an open marketplace where film industry professionals can create their profiles, find producers, raise funds for their projects, connect with peer professionals across the globe and collaborate for the entire film making process (Pre-production, Production & Post Production), find distributors and, earn from independent films and monetize their independent films.

WFCN is an online destination for the film community to discover, reach and discuss the film festival world. Film Festivals are valued by the film industry as the most explosive avenue for increasing contacts, enhancing collaborations through networking, and pursuing careers internationally. WFCN aims the creation of this same socialization, sharing, and support - online.
With our unique feature of networking, filmmakers can connect with the festivals and the rest of the film fraternity directly. Film enthusiasts can curate film pages, and groups to discuss, share and collaborate with others. In short, we have something to offer for every film enthusiast.


WFCN is free for film festival submitters. film submitters can create their own professional profile and film page for free. WFCN is a web application where any user can utilize all services of the platform by logging in using a single email ID. WFCN holds ISO 27001: 2013. The system is designed to protect the intellectual property of every user. So, your creative work is safe with us. Professionals would be able to showcase their portfolios for better job opportunities. Free Film Groups and pages are available for all the members.

We ensure the lowest price for Film Festivals (Only 5%) and there is NO EXTRA  hidden charges. Every day hundreds of new film festival gets added to our database.

WFCN is inclusive, merging various applications into one, thus making it easier for any film enthusiast, the go-to platform when it is related to the global film industry.

We believe in Transparency, hence our Open Data is accessible to all. WFCN is committed to the people working in or with a desire to work in the film, television, or related industry. For film festivals we do not believe in hiding any festival in the name of “Non-public”. Every festival in our platform deserves to be showcased to the mass audience.

Professional Networking

At WFCN - World Film Communities Network, we primarily aim to bring the global entertainment business in one palette. We have dedicated our souls in the innovation of digital technology for the advancement of audio-visual industry. We are the world’s largest creative community of Actors, film and TV crews, theatre professionals, child actors, voiceover artists, dancers, singers, musicians, models, and other film professionals.

WFCN thrives to eliminate the gap between creators, investors, distributors, and consumers for an ethical and sustainable ecosystem in the industry. By making the best use of the web WFCN promises to break all cultural barriers and make cinema the language of unity.

At WFCN we believe that independent filmmakers can survive only by setting up their own audience base. Every filmmaker can share their art on WFCN social where fellow filmmakers can learn and appreciate your work.

We celebrate the success of every filmmakers through our social handles. We believe that we are not invincible and whatever we have achieved so far and will strive to achieve would be impossible without the support of the film community. WFCN is a venture of Alzebra, Inc., an US based Software Company having its headquarters at Palo Alto, California.