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Film Industry FAQs

Any questions you may have regarding WFCN have been answered below. For any further questions get in touch with us using the contact form.

100% free for filmmakers, writers, photographers and submitters.

Add your project then click to submit. Simple, fast and free.

Your work is only accessible to festivals that you submit to and can never be downloaded or shared without your permission.

WFCN stands for World Film Communities Network. WFCN is an online destination for the film community to discover, reach and discuss the film festival world. Festivals are valuable to the film industry as the most explosive avenue for increasing contacts, enhancing collaborations through networking and pursuing careers internationally. WFCN aims for the creation of this same socialization, sharing and support – online. With our Professional networking, filmmakers can connect with the festivals directly.

WFCN is free for filmmakers and film lovers. Some film festivals charge submission fees. But WFCN does not charge filmmakers any money to submit their films. Our Professional Networking is free for all forever.

WFCN Professional networking is where you can connect with a fellow filmmaker from around the world. It is a dedicated platform to bring all the regional film fraternities under one umbrella where listed film professionals can get hired via our website.

Please visit your submission page and export the important data required for preparing the result.

Please visit Browse Films section and select exact types of films you are looking for. You may invite unlimited films to submit to your festival.

Our expert customer service team is always there to help you. Receive specific support from right people within 24 hrs.

WFCN is a revolutionary platform in the film festival circuit. We aspire to make festival curator – filmmaker communication easy and hustle free. We believe that there is a festival for every film. You can arrange, curate and manage your film festival via WFCN.

WFCN is completely free for enlisting your festival. It only takes a 5% commission on the submission fees of the entries. If your festival does not take any submission fee, then WFCN does not charge any money.

To enlist your festival, open a WFCN account and go to festivals to add a new festival.

Yes, you can enlist more than one festival. Go to “Festivals” and “Add New Festival”.

Once a filmmaker having at least one project, which is submittable, logs into his account and visits your festival page, the festival chat is activated on the top bar. In your chat room you can also find potential submitters online who are visiting your festival page at that time. And obviously you will get notified once your festival receives a message.

Absolutely! WFCN does not believe in restrictions. So, we do not seek exclusivity from our users. We believe they would prefer to use our platform for a seamless experience.

It’s entirely free to enlist your festival to WFCN. Apart from the commission on entry fees, WFCN does not charge any fee whatsoever.

We process payments for each month's submissions on the 10th day of the following month. PayPal is recommended and used by most of our festivals, as it is the fastest and safest way to be paid. Please note PayPal charges a small transaction fee (3%). The minimum payout balance is $ 100 USD. Payout balances under $ 100 USD are paid at the conclusion of your event, immediately upon request.

After logging into your festival account, you can access Submission Buttons in a variety of sizes and colors here: Add the button's corresponding HTML code to your festival’s submissions page, or link the button image to your 'Festival Listing URL', which you can access on the same page.

You can open a new Call for Entries immediately after your last deadline of your current season. To open a new Call for Entries go to 'My Festival', then go to ‘Edit’, and update the dates. Your new season will be open automatically.

Go to “Festival”. Then go to “Edit”. Edit Dates and Deadlines from there.

WFCN strives to provide a secure and hustle free experience to our users. This is why the primary account holder for a festival might have to verify their mail address or phone number.

WFCN takes security very seriously. That’s why new festivals are sometimes asked to present their identity proof by submitting a scanned Govt. ID.

No, you cannot download the video directly. You need to request the filmmaker for a downloadable screener separately.

You can easily export all the submission data for your entries to an Excel spreadsheet. Go to 'Submissions' in your festival, click 'Show All Submissions' or filter to display the relevant submissions, and then click 'Export'.

You don't have to upload your video or project on WFCN. Just provide Vimeo, Google drive or any other project link and Password to the appropriate space marked in the form.

Track real-time submission status updates directly from the festivals you’ve entered.

To enlist your project to WFCN, you need to have a WFCN account. To create an account, go to the sign up option. After creating an account, go to projects and add your projects. You can add multiple projects too.

To reset password, click on “Forgot password” and follow the instructions.

WFCN is always free for the filmmakers.

Copy the link of your online screener (Vimeo, Youtube or Google Drive) and paste it on the prescribed form.

Your work is only visible to the film festivals that you submit to. It cannot to be accessed or downloaded by a third party.

Yes, you can add multiple projects from the “Projects” section.

To edit your project details, go to “Projects”, open the particular project. There will be an Edit Project option on the top.

You cannot review your own film. But you can invite your friends to review your film.

In the View Project page, “Invite friends to review your film” appears at the bottom of the page. You can invite your friends from there.

No, Festivals don’t have access to your submission history. They know which other festivals you submitted to only if you mention it in your project details.

As per WFCN Refund Policy, the festivals are the sole authority to deal with all refund requests and it's absolutely up to them whether they wish to accept the refund request or not. For a valid reason, you may directly contact the festival team for a refund. Note: If the festival rejects your approval your refund cannot be initiated.

Once you submit your film to a festival your submission is automatically placed 'In Consideration'. This means the festival promises to review your work for possible inclusion in the event as an Official Selection or award candidate. The festival will notify entrants of their final Selection or Non-Selection to the event, i.e., the submitter's final 'Judging Status' by the “Notification Date”.

Open your project. Go to “Edit” project. There is a “delete” button on bottom right of the screen.