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All About Film Distribution

You had come up with an idea and after much effort, you made your idea into a beautiful piece of art, a short film, or a documentary. Now what? Do you know what you should do? You should think about making money from your film from day one. Don’t put off thinking about how you’ll sell your movie until the final minute. To assure your film’s success, you must begin taking steps as soon as you decide to make it.


The fun of filming in 2022 is the variety of platforms where you can share your project. WFCN has created a list of distribution options for your film, ranging from DIY to broadcast television.


1. Online film distribution

Targeting your film audience is the first stage in digital film distribution. Who do you want to promote your film to? Before releasing the film, start building an online film audience. Create a Facebook page and an Instagram account for the film and use them to share updates and behind-the-scenes images to get your fans enthused about the project. Make sure to provide a launch date and a countdown. Sites like Vimeo and Youtube are excellent options for distributing your movies.


2. Film Festivals

One of the important things you can do is enter a film into a film festival. It’s easy to submit to film festivals, and the outcomes can be spectacular, particularly if your work is featured in a foreign film festival. Film Festivals also offer excellent networking opportunities through panels, Q&As, and shows where you can connect filmmakers from all around the world.


3. Awards

What could be more impressive than a slew of renowned awards next to your film’s title? Many awards are now accepting applications. Try to enter an award that is inclusive and acknowledges the film industry’s independent filmmakers working in a variety of film genres. Finally, you may aim for the stars by submitting a film for the Academy Awards next year. There are strict submission rules, so make sure you complete your homework before the deadline.

4. Television Broadcast

Attending film festivals is an excellent method to pitch television executives on new concepts. Because the greatest approach to proposing an idea is in person, connecting with film industry professionals may open doors to pitch meetings. If you can’t have an in-person meeting, send an email to the organization with a brief explanation of your proposal. They’ll refer you to their film marketing chiefs if they’re interested.


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