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Are you an Indie Filmmaker? Then you need to read this.

Filmmaking is undoubtedly an art and art is perfect only when it is practiced rather than learned. Any art needs practice, time, manifestation, dedication, and patience; so does filmmaking. It is not expected that one can be a good filmmaker from the first day he started his journey; it takes time and experience, it needs learning from own mistakes. Yes, learning from one’s own mistake is something that may lead one to the jackpot of knowledge. It’s not just a saying that “Man is made and unmade by himself” it is a truth that mankind is living every day. Because if you don’t perform you don’t gain anything; it’s you who have to believe in yourself and build yourself.

Filmmakers need to keep a check on a lot of things. First of all, they need to be very selective on the topic they’re choosing for making the film. A story is the heart of the film and it needs to be well-plotted and pictured. Secondly, the concept should be kept as simple as possible. The filmmaker’s main intention is to find an audience for their films and keeping the storyline simple would definitely let people understand what message does the film conveys and thus the audience will go for the movie. Next, all the characters must hold some proper purpose to be on the screen; unnecessary exaggeration of characters will make people lose interest. Thus, characters should remain in purposeful engagement in the story. Next, the location must be justified with the setting of the story and the camera and apertures used for the shooting must provide a professional output; because the presentation is very much important. Last but not the least, get the film did; finish your film and you can learn a lot from it; because when you will learn from your own mistakes that would be the biggest lesson which no one forgets. And this learning will lead you to the best improvisation in the future.

So, all you need to do as a filmmaker is to trust yourself in the first place and work hard to make your place stronger.

Kamalika Sarkar

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