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Can we trust online Film-Festivals?

The term online has been like a common prefix to almost all activities nowadays; for instance online classes, online exams, online transactions, online movies, and so on. In today’s advanced world everything has been online. The pandemic added the last nail to the coffin and made life almost cent percent online. The outrageous pandemic confined mankind to home quarantine and thus online has been the last option to carry on the daily activities of life.

The film business has no longer stepped back in this run and they have also made up their mind to follow the trend of the online platform, hence OTTs are a big hit. But what about film events, award shows, and film festivals? Well, all of them have found a way through the online niche. Film Festivals have made an incredible debut with the online platform and have made a trendsetter for sure. But everything has its flaws as you know, so this trend also has a loop. Some people are always there to fool people and thus they are using their talent here as well. They are faking the identity of Festival organizers and organizing fake festivals and robbing innocent people. They charge either too low or too high entry fees and don’t at all hold any screening or competition either than collecting money from filmmakers.

But not everyone is a fraud; there are numerous genuine festivals that are paving the way to recognition for independent filmmakers. Platforms like WFCN are making the task easy by connecting filmmakers to genuine and world-class festivals. So, be cautious while choosing the right platform, and if you want expert advice get registered to WFCN.

Kamalika Sarkar