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Can you use AI to triple your VFX rendering speed?

Adding some sick VFX to your next independent film is no longer a pipe dream thanks to programs like Blender and Fusion, which are now either free or extremely economical. Even Epic now offers some creatives free access to its new Quixel Megascans (and affordable to everyone else).

The dreaded render, particularly if your scene contains numerous particles, animations, and model features, can still be a challenge.

There is an AI tool that can help speed up the process even though you can optimize the scene and/or perform it in passes. Let’s get started.

Once Render, Double Frame Rate
Using AI to speed up your VFX render time isn’t just a dream (or a pipe dream). It’s a reality. You can get your renders down to minutes, instead of hours or days. You’ll be able to turn out more high-quality work on time and within budget.

The method makes use of Blender’s “Step” function in the Frame Range option. Simply said, you can instruct Blender to render every other frame rather than every frame. Although the controls become much more detailed, for this example, that is a general concept.

Using this method technically lengthens the render time, but it also eliminates half the frames.

How do we, therefore, get them back?

So, FlowFrames can help with this. Using its AI models, this AI tool interpolates new frames into your sequence.

An expert used an eight-second, 30 frames per second render with a step of two as an example. This effectively produced a 15 fps video. He then generated additional frames for his sequence using FlowFrames, which only took a little over a minute.

The Importance of AI in Visual Effects
Artificial intelligence (AI) is a hot topic in the visual effects industry. It can be used to improve the efficiency of your production pipeline and make your work more efficient. In this post, we’ll explore how AI can help you triple your render speeds by using it GPU-accelerated deep learning techniques.

AI also helps increase productivity by automating repetitive tasks that don’t require human intervention but can be costly or time-consuming when done manually. For example: if an artist needs new material for an asset in 3D Studio Max but doesn’t have access yet because it hasn’t been created yet…he/she could create a workflow where he/she imports all his/her materials into Photoshop CS6 using plugins like LUXology’s Material Research Pack or Substance Painter 2 which would then apply those materials onto different versions of that asset — all without him having ever touched those files himself since they were created in V-Ray Studio 2 Pro.

A good rule of thumb when using AI in production: If a human could do it better than an algorithm could then don’t use AI at all! Because if there isn’t any way that algorithms can do it better than humans then they shouldn’t even try!

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