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CANVAS on Demand: A Voice Of The Indie Films

Independent filmmakers often struggle with the self-distribution of their films. They struggle to find a proper and trustworthy film distributor. It’s not even a one-way trip; the film distributors also have to be enough impressed to agree to take your film further. If do not choose the right distributor, you can even face legal issues, regarding copyright and whatnot.

The solution is simple: find yourself a self-distribution platform! I know, there are not so many options when it comes to self-distribution, but if you look hard you can find one just a click away!

Lucky for you, we have found the perfect platform for all your self-distribution problems.

CANVAS on Demand: A solution for all self-distribution problems

Canvas on Demand and Canvas is a unique platform for all genres and all sorts of indie movies.

They are open to global independent films of all genres, and types and the most exciting part is the filmmaker can earn revenue for their film as long as s/he wants. The process is rather simple: you just need to open an account at World Film Communities Network (WFCN) and. Open My Account. There on the upper right-hand panel, you can find films button. Click on ‘New Film’ and fill up the form.

There you can select choose whether you want revenue from streaming numbers or put your film up for rent. In both ways, you can earn good money. It is the best and safest way to distribute your film on a global scale.

As per the safety concern, the WFCN platform assures you a safe and secured web server, where no one can screenshot, download or copy any of your content. Even there is no third-party app that can help an imposter download your content.

If you are an independent filmmaker, WFCN has the perfect platform for you. Once you are done making your independent movie, you can surf through our 550+ top film festivals and find your niche. We also have CANVAS, a platform for self-distribution. Go and check it out now!