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Different sort of camera shots used by independent filmmakers

Camera shot is basically uninterrupted series of still photos, taken between the start and end of rolling camera. A series of these camera shots make a sequence, which helps them to build a scene.


As we al know all series of scenes makes a whole movie. So knowing shots and their variations is utterly important. When a critic scrutinizes a film, they also notice how was the camera placement, how each shot was taken.

Types of shots used in world indie films

There are mainly 5 types of shots used by any indie filmmaker. These are as follows

1.Extreme long shot

First up we have extreme long shot. It provides viewers with contextualising information about the setting of a scene or places characters in their proper context. This technique is also known as an extreme wide shot. This is why it's common to open a movie or a new scene with an extremely lengthy shot to create context and setting.

2.Long shot

This often depicts a character's entire length, from the bottom of the feet to the top of the head, and is intended to indicate how the character fits into their immediate surroundings. This shot generally is used to show the audience the demeanour of the subject, what he is like.


The character is often depicted from the waist to the top of the head in the mid-shot or medium shot. It allows the observer to see facial expressions and body language used to convey emotion. It is excellent for dialogue shots because of this.

4.Close-up Shot

The tops of the shoulders and the tops of the head are frequently shown in close-ups of characters. It's employed to capture a character's expression, amplify emotions, and increase tension. A fantastic shot type for dialogue is this one.

5.Extreme close-up Shot

When a person, thing, or portion of the body takes up the entire frame, which is utilised to emphasise, display detail, and, once more, heighten emotion.


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