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How can you write that perfect script for your film?

Well, we all know that a good film is the cultivation of a perfect script. But the question arises that how one can write up that perfect script? Now, this blog is a perfect answer to the ways you can write that perfect script of yours. So, let’s get into finding the answer, right?

Writing is all about imagination, observation, and thought; to write a good script you need to collect incidents that you want to frame in your movie, next you need to cultivate them with your thought and imagination and that’s how you get the perfect plot for your script. You need to gather inspiration from anywhere you feel suitable. Just don’t write to finish be yourself engaged in the entire plot and think from the perspective of your characters that’s what makes your script perfect for engaging audiences. Don’t select topics you are less knowledgeable of, try to write in your comfort zone, your strength. Write whatever you are good at, that should be your supreme niche and you can definitely present it better than anyone.

And the most important tip is to finish whatever you have started writing. Sometimes people get clueless and leave their script unfinished but that’s not a good thing to do. You need to go ahead and finish it all up. You can take advice from a second person; you read out your story to him or her and ask if the person feels for the requirement of any improvisation because sometimes an opinion can change a whole lot of things. So, go ahead exploring ideas, and finish writing your amazing story.

Kamalika Sarkar

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