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How long should a short film be for festivals?


Film festivals typically define "short" films as anything under 40 minutes, with some even more lenient at 60 minutes. However, this creates a spectrum, and filmmakers quickly discover that shorter is often better. Every film festival has specific film submission guidelines, often with designated maximum runtimes. At the end of the day, navigating short filmlength hinges on research. Tailoring your film to these requirements demonstrates respect for the film festival and increases your chances of selection.

Prioritizing brevity shouldn't come at the expense of sacrificing the heart of your script. A film should be as long as it needs to be to effectively engage the audience. A powerful film script, well-developed film characters, and a satisfying emotional payoff are all crucial elements. The sweet spot for a short film lies in striking a balance between these competing factors. Aiming for a runtime between 10-15 minutes is a good starting point. This length is manageable for film festivals to program and audiences to consume, while still offering enough room to build a complete story.

By aiming for a concise yet impactful film runtime and conducting thorough research, filmmakers can ensure their short film is not only a compelling script but also a contender on the film festival circuit.



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