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How to find the right audience for your Indie Movie?

The audience is the prime factor why films are being made because it will be meaningless to make a film if there is no one to watch it. But what if the audience does not find your film worth it? It may ruin all your hard work and struggle, isn’t it? So, finding the correct audience for your film is one of the most important tasks. Now the question is how to find the audience, and this blog is all the way to answer this question.

To find the right audience you need to understand the niche of the audience. If you are making a film but the niche on which you are making it is not accepted by the audience then your film is not going to make room for it. First of all, you need to create a niche that can serve a large number of audiences. Basically, there are 3 types of audiences whom you need to target.

Expanded Audience:

An expanded audience is the links of your closest ones. Suppose the people whom you can influence with your niche they will bring or influence more audience with your idea and they are the expanded audience. It will help to provide your film with a wide audience.

Core Audience:

The audiences in this category are those who have a relatable or direct line of communication with you, whom you have chosen from a broader perspective of your niche, and are associated with you through social platforms or personalized emails and all. And this link of communication can bring them closer to you and thus you can promote your film to them.

Secondary Audience:

Of course, they are someone who is different from your primary audience and they are people who will support your work even if the niche is not for them; these are the audience who are your close ones; friends, and family.

So, now you know who are your audiences? So, the next step is to promote your film within this audience sphere and get a good follow-up from your audiences.

Kamalika Sarkar