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How to start your career as an Independent Film Maker?

Being independent in any field needs a lot of hard work and courage. Making an independent film is definitely not a cakewalk but nothing is impossible once you are determined and dedicated to the task. Film making at its first place needs creativity. It is an artistic form, if you are not imaginative enough or passionate about films or story and just trying hands in this profession to make money then this shoe is definitely not going to fit you. It needs a lot of planning and plotting to launch an organized film. You need to learn a lot of things; you need to play different roles ranging from a script writer to an entrepreneur in order to make your independent film a success. Here are some tips that may help you in your journey of being an independent filmmaker.

A good script is the key to good film

The first step you need to follow in the run of a good film is an excellent screenplay. It is just like the packaging, just as you need a good packaging to showcase your product, screenplay is something like that which showcases your movie. So work on it wholeheartedly.

Pre-production preparations are tectonic

It is tough to get your dreams come true but not impossible. The only key to success is a hard work in a smart way. So once the scripting is done you need to focus on time management to schedule the shooting, location spotting, budgeting and raising funds as well. Selecting actors for your film is also a part of the pre-production schedule.

Finding worthy Investors

A person who will invest in your film would definitely want to make money from it because an investor is always a businessman. So you need to sell your product to him, you need to make him understand how profitable your film could be.

Producing your dream project

This is the most important and responsible part of the film making. You need to perform all the above steps perfectly in order to get a worthy production. Always keep in mind while shooting outdoor you may face an unfavorable weather condition so you should keep an alternative schedule in that case. However strong your script may be if you don’t have efficient actors then all the efforts goes in vain. So the pre production part should be executed worth fully while selecting actors. You need to keep a check on all these with strict vigilance. Don’t forget the investors do not buy dreams they finds buys products and sells them to earn profits. So your venture should be enough profitable to them.


After all the hazards are over find a good platform to launch your film. It is very important to promote your film in different platforms. These days there are a lot of worthy film festivals around the world where you can submit your film and get earning as well.