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How worthy Film Festivals are?

Independent movies have so far faced lots of challenges in all aspects; starting from its making to marketing. Holding the hands of film festivals led the Indie movies to gain recognition these days. But the question arises how genuine or worthy are those film festivals for Indie Filmmakers and the future of Independent Films. Let’s find out the answer today.

At present-day everything counts for business, Film Festivals are also not left behind in this race. But that doesn’t mean that there is no reality in those festivals and everything is only for money. There are festivals that are really useful for Filmmakers, distributors, and TV buyers. But on the other hand, there are certain festivals that are only to make money for themselves.

There are certain festivals that keep a high entry fee and even it’s doubtful whether they are screening your movies or not. Moreover, they do not provide proper addresses and details. Beware of such Festivals; they are not at all worthy. Keep a check on the reality of the festivals and submit your film. Of course, not all festivals are the same and there are several festivals that are providing the deserving platform to the filmmakers.