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Independent Filmmakers way to survive above the pandemic

The struggle for Independent filmmakers amidst this global pandemic is real and hard. Independent cinema has always dealt with difficulties and such hard times have overdone the situation. Independent Filmmakers are growing on a fast scale but there is still a long way to go. Money has always been one of the major issues and difficulty with which independent filmmakers suffer.


Many film business and independent filmmakers would have collapsed if film festivals didn’t exist. The concept of online film festivals has helped the independent filmmaker community as a whole to outgrow from this difficult situation. Many filmmakers were heartbroken and were facing monetary issues but few didn’t lose hope and kept on with their creation of good work and stood out from this toxic and difficult time. Independent filmmakers believe in utter hard work. They are not only concerned about making money but creating something beautiful and all they want is recognition in return.


Independent Filmmakers are basically the ones who do not rely on big banners and production houses but create it all on their own. They have a tight budget and fewer resources but they try to give their best shot within their limitations. Film Festivals act as a great support to such filmmakers who work independently. They provide scope for them to showcase their work. Few online submission platforms like Filmfreeway, WFCN, Festhome, Movibeta provides a scope to film festivals around the globe to enlist themselves on the platform which in turn gives a ray of hope to the independent filmmakers use it as a platform to showcase their creative work and amazing outputs on which they have been working on. Independent filmmakers crave for recognition for their film and artwork, they just want to be appreciated for their hard work and the film festivals do fair enough justice to them. So the relationship between film festivals and independent filmmakers is quite important for both the parties so they both need to support each other to grow and succeed.