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New Players for Film Submission Gateway

With the growing film business and the making of more and more films, come film festival and festival submissions and film screenings.

All the films cannot be submitted offline hence to rescue from that problem comes the online film submission gateway.

Film submission gateways are a new thing and have gained a lot of importance among the new filmmakers and non-filmmakers.

It connects filmmakers globally and everyone can participate in different film festivals all around the globe, making the community from different parts of the world come together.

We have listed a bunch of Film submission gateway platforms for you to have detailed knowledge.

1.  Filmfreeway: Filmmakers and film festival curators’ choice is Filmfreeway. With 10,200 film festivals enlisted and 10years of acknowledgment. This platform is best among its competitors and offers top-notch film festivals and movies and filmmakers number one choice when it comes to submitting films in film festivals.

2.   WFCN: World Film Communities Network a.k.a WFCN is the budding film submission platform with its AI interface and professional section which makes it stand out among the rest, apart from that it has already acquired a position in the film festival business within a very short span with over 300 film festivals in their bag. And over 750 films enlisted. Surely with time WFCN is going to be a tough competition for the leading platforms.


3.  Click for festival: Spain based film festival submission platform has over 1600 festivals enlisted and are equally favourite among the filmmakers and festival curators.

4.  Festhome: Over 3922 festivals enlisted Festhome is among the leading submission platform, associated with Academy Awards, European Film Awards, BAFTA, and many other renowned and recognized film festivals worldwide.

  5.  Moviebeta: With over 560 festivals Moviebeta has made its place in the film industry offering the platform with different languages to ease out on the understanding and operating the website. Moviebeta is mostly popular in Spain, Latin, Italy, and North America.

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