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Online Festivals are No Longer Excluded From The Elite Film Circuit

The first film festival premiered in Venice in 1932. It has established the essence of what film festivals ought to be. Cinema in all its glory and the love for cinema are showcased in film festivals. People make their opinions heard and the finest and best cinematic artworks are awarded and celebrated. 

Even though the method of filmmaking has changed considerably in the last 85 or so years, one thing remains the same - films are wonderful works of art. 

The idea of online film festivals was started by the Webdance Film Festival in 1990. The awesomeness of having a film festival online is felt by a first-time filmmaker on a small budget. Having the facility and ease to submit to a film festival and receive judgment online makes it easier on your wallet.  You do not have to spend extra fees and incur travel expenses because you don’t have to physically attend screenings. Online film festivals ensure that people living in the farthest nooks and cities of the world can submit their films

Because the internet facilitates almost everything now, why should film festivals be left behind?

However, such film festivals that function solely online are often lauded with a bad reputation. Of course, as a filmmaker, you must have had an experience with a film festival that ghosted you when the time came to screen movies. So, your submission money is now down the drain. 

But why should genuine online film festivals suffer because of bad apples in the metaphorical festival basket?

WFCN understands that your film festival might be in the early stages of activity and still relatively new to the festival circuit. Development and execution are time-consuming and need minute attention. It is the first of its kind, a digitized film platform built for film professionals and film lovers across the globe, to access numerous prospects. 

One simple destination where all professionals, film lovers, and film festivals can access their information without hindrances. The platform believes in 100% transparency and tending to all your professional needs.


Managing and hosting a film festival requires a lot of time and effort. Understandably, you might want to exert that effort into building a good presence online. Thus, physical screenings are not a viable option. In such cases, they fully authenticate your online presence and do not withdraw you from the running. You are free to operate as a festival online. WFCN notifies you if there is a change in your listing status. It is their transparent business policy that makes them stand out as a film festival submission platform.

Film festivals registered on our WFCN are guaranteed the assurance that they will not be removed unless found engaging in unlawful and inappropriate behavior. So, you are free to host and manage a film festival online without any trouble. See you there!

By Stephanie Payne

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