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The inside story of Banff Centre Mountain Film Festival

The Banff Centre Mountain Film Festival is an exceptional film festival that conducts a live world tour program that includes special films that are not included in the virtual platform. The film programs of this festival are now on a tour throughout Canada, the US, and also over more than 40 countries. The film festival is very much aware of the recent social scenario and has attributively claimed for full vaccination of everyone attending the festival, moreover, it has also kept special guidelines on wearing a mask to be mandatory for everyone.

The 7th of May 2022 is going to mark the grand theatre opening of the Banff Centre’s Jenny Belzberg Theatre which is undoubtedly expected to be the most memorable celebration and world-class performances by several talented artists across the world. It will be followed by a private reception and dinner assembled by 275 guests and accompanied by an opening concert in the presence of 600 guests. The concert will be conducted for two days.

It is heard that the package for the grand opening is available at USD 1,000 per guest. The package includes the dinner, reception, concert, and post-performance reception on 7th May, and also includes the community concert on 8th of May. Moreover, they are also providing onsite accommodation. The tickets are highly on-demand as expected.

The Banff Centre Mountain Film Festival has brought a different kind of celebration and it is undoubtedly the much-awaited festival with such arrangements in the world of film festivals.

Kamalika Sarkar

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