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The Journey of Budding Filmmakers

The journey for budding filmmakers during this ongoing period is quite challenging. Though the starting phase has never been easy for filmmakers but now due to the ongoing corona pandemic things are worse.

But art and creativity cannot be suppressed. While the passion for filmmaking remained, the traditional path filled with film festivals and theatrical releases of cinemas came to a screeching halt. Filmmakers who wanted to create new and amazing films did not give rest to themselves even during this tough phase. Many filmmakers have stood out with their films amidst the harsh days too. It is really exciting and surprising at the same time to see budding filmmakers growing at such good speed and in such a beautiful manner.

Filmmakers are basically professionals who put their thoughts and imagination into a visual form and this journey is not that easy. Filmmakers have to face day to day hurdles to stand out in their profession. This becomes more challenging for budding filmmakers as they do not have many ways to showcase their filmmaking talent apart from this festival gateways.

Budding filmmakers emerge through different challenging situations and attain their target of making a film. It is never an easy task for them to attain a higher and successful place in the field of filmmaking as every day is a new challenge and surpassing those challenges and creating a beautiful connection is a huge challenge. Not every budding filmmaker becomes a popular one because not everyone can go through and grow through the difficult road and challenges regarding filmmaking.



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