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Top 10 Film Submission platforms-an easy gateway to festivals.

Marketing your movie and making it recognizable is not easy at all. To make the process a little easier, there are some online film submission gateways which helps you to submit your movie to the film festivals around the world, and do half the work for you.

The 10 gateways are:

1. FilmFreeWay

This 8 year old film submission gateway hosts up to 8,500 film festivals each year. It’s one of the fastest growing online submission services available today, with over a million filmmakers around the world using it. There are many festivals featured on the platform, they accept films of different lengths and genres, including 156 Oscars and BAFTAs that come standard.

FilmFreeWay has a large number of filters to select the festival for a particular film (term, year and location of the festival, number of awards, genres, fees, location). Some of the noticeable film festivals available at this site are: Toronto Film Festival, Sundance Film festival, Leeds International Film Festival, Raindance International Film Festival and many more.

2. World Film Communities Network

The World Film Communities Network (WFCN) is a single digital platform for film professionals and audiences to access global opportunities in research, production, co-production, promotion, and advertising. Report, send to film festivals and distribute. Filmmakers and festival organizers can talk to each other with minimal barriers. Like Film Freeway, WFCN is free for filmmakers and film festivals do not charge an application fee.

Some of their appraisable film festivals are: Slam dance Film Festival, Jaipur International Film Festival-JIFF, INSULAR & OTHER SEAS ARTS FILM FESTIVAL ( IOSAFF ) etc.

3. Shortfilmdepot

This is a European site, and welcomes mostly short films from all across Southern and Central America, Asia and Europe. This site has over 100 film festivals around the globe. Every user can choose among five options of the interface: English, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian.

Here is a list of film festivals that is available here: Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Festival, Interfilm, and Sao Paulo International Short Film Festival)

4. Festhome

One of the essential attracts of Festhome is that entrants can add big files (up to twenty GB). Entries are saved on their server so filmmakers don`t must add a movie extra than once. This movie submission web page is loose for competition organizers and gives lose money owed to all competition body of workers participants to make occasion management, collaboration, and reviewing entries easier.

Noticeable Film Festivals hosted here are: Festival Internacional De Cine De Cartagena De Indias, Festival Internazionale Del Cinema Laceno D`oro etc.

5. Movibeta

Founded in 2009, Movibeta has grown exponentially as a gateway for many independent filmmakers. There are almost over 1100 in its catalogue for both short and feature films (mostly European ones). The Filmmaker can directly upload his/her work on the server or also link Vimeo with it. But the size must not exceed 2 GB. The cost of submission varies from 1,5 to 4,84 EUR. The cost of one is inversely proportional to the total amount.

6. Clickforfestivals

This site is managed and pioneered by this French company called Promofest. It has more 2100 best film festivals in its domain. There are two interfaces of this website: English and Spanish. The cost of submission costs from 1 Euro to 3 Euros. The platform provides 10% discount for the paid festivals submission fees.

7. Submittable

This website is popularly known for its video contest. Contestants send their video to the server, the judges can watch the whole video without being able to screenshot to download it, though they can keep track of everything at once. It collects manuscripts from the independent artists and send them to potential publishers.

8. Docfilmdepot

Much like aforementioned shortfilmdepot, Docfilmdepot is website which welcomes documentaries of every kind on their website. Most of the festival is held in France. The filmmakers can submit their file directly to the server and enter the festival.

9. Filmfestivallife

The mission presents the statistics approximately the gala’s, an possibility to touch different filmmakers and gala’s managers. The customers can go away evaluations at the gala’s consequently growing rankings and lists of the maximum thrilling projects. The carrier may be particularly thrilling for the first-time filmmakers that also sense themselves misplaced within side the international of festival.

10. Shift72

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many competition organizers in 2020 needed to shift to online website hosting their fairs on-line. Shift72 focuses on on-line and hybrid festival host. It has a virtual rights management (DRM) device that lets in you to manipulate virtual condominium windows, embed non-detachable watermarks on content, and restrict the quantity of gadgets a person can hyperlink to their account.

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