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Top Independent Film Review Sites

An Independent film review is a common approach for critics to evaluate an Independent film’s overall quality and decide whether or not it is worth recommending. These reviews differ from scholarly film articles. Scholarly Film articles include subjective reactions to evaluate a film, as well as objective analyses of the film’s formal techniques and thematic substance. But both reviews and articles are essential for an Independent film to be recognized in the industry.

Why Do Some People Think That An Authentic Film Review Site Doesn’t Exist?

There are some concerns about the film review sites.

· Ratings are often sabotaged by spammers.

· Only user rating is not enough to validate an Indie film.

· Films from different eras are sometimes difficult to judge in the same category.

· Many times a film is rated before its release.

· Most of the user who votes does not have enough technical knowledge to judge an Indie Film.

· Users can give low ratings for personal or irrelevant reasons

Keeping these points in mind, we have come across ten sites. These sites are reliable for the user and they also provide value to an Independent film by criticizing them in technical, philosophical parameters. Independent film festival sites are also a great way to evaluate your films. When you submit your film to these festivals, they automatically get attention from the audience and film enthusiasts.

Ten Top Film Review Sites

Independent Internet Critics

Red Letter Media

Belated Media

Aggregated Critic Reviews


Rotten Tomatoes

Direct Critic Review


Personalized Reviews


Movie Grade

Aggregated Reviews



The Movie DB


Suchetana Chakraborty

A film review is crucial for both the audience and the maker. There are many sites that provide film reviews but not every review is worth considering. Here, we have listed ten sites that provide exceptionally good reviews. Consider these sites to evaluate your film.