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WFCN: A new dimension to world cinema

Technology has been a boon to this generation. With technology we all have come to a step closer to each other; life has been easier, better to say life can be operated with the click of a button.  Nowadays we need not worry about anything. Even we can watch movies at home. And what made it possible is the online platforms. Not only is that even film festivals run online nowadays. And online platforms have made it easier. WFCN- World Film Communities Network is one such online platform that connects filmmakers and festival curators and brings them under one roof.

As the topic of this blog suggests, WFCN is a new dimension to world cinema. You must be thinking, ‘How?’ Now this blog is for the answer to that ‘how?’

First of all, we must know what is WFCN?

WFCN is a spectacular platform that aims at providing the best place to the deserving independent films and filmmakers of course. WFCN is a venture that brings deserving filmmakers and film festivals together and creates a brand value for both the films and festivals.

WFCN is for everyone; Films, Film festivals, Filmmakers, and even Film lovers. With WFCN each one can connect and grow.

For Film Festivals:

Film festivals all over the world are invited to list their festivals free of cost only on WFCN. Even they can get access to the films and filmmakers database that has been enlisted in the festival. Festivals can also go through live chats with the submitters if required. We are transparent at our business policy and the best pricing is only 5%. Festivals have the complete freedom to run their festivals on our platform.

For Film Submitters:

Submitters can create their own film page for free. They can browse all the festivals and choose accordingly; even submission is so easy with us. Film submitters can build a strong professional network and even get a free work folio enlisted over here. Submitting film through WFCN can also make you happy with a discount offer from the festival owners. This platform ensures that you get a global audience from all over the world.

For Film Professionals:

WFCN is for everyone related to cinema. Film professionals can also create their own film pages over here and get a broader network from all around the world. It ensures a global work opportunity for film professionals.

For Film Lovers:

Even Film lovers are also welcomed in WFCN. They can also get access to different films and even review the films they want. They get invitations via emails regarding the new film releases. Not only that, but they can also rate the films if they want and even may get entry to the judging panel depending on the ability.

So, these were the key features of WFCN. You can always get in touch with us in case of any queries.