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WFCN - An Avant-garde Platform Exclusively For Film Industry Professionals

You’ve worked tirelessly on your film — it deserves an audience

A new avenue is opening up for filmmakers. One that acknowledges that our business is fast evolving at all levels, from how movies are financed to how they are made and delivered. WFCN is where the world comes to learn about this younger breed of storytellers and the tales they’re sharing. It’s the only place created by filmmakers that can assist you in navigating the online world, broadcasting your film to a large online audience, and connecting you with top industry personalities.

You’ve put a lot of effort into your movie, and it deserves to be seen. On WFCN, the portfolio of your film is featured on the ‘films’ section of our site, bringing you hundreds of new admirers.

Whether you want to break into a feature film, or television, or fund your next project, WFCN is where the entertainment industry’s managers, agencies, distributors, and producers are now seeking the next generation of storytellers. Filmmakers from WFCN have gone on to work for Netflix, Sundance, Fox, Warner Bros., Disney, Hulu, WME, CAA, the New York Times, and many more companies.

You’re not quite ready to go live yet? You can submit your film at various festivals registered on our site. You will find our site helpful whether still completing up your film, just starting to submit it to festivals, or wrapping up a festival run.

Key features of WFCN

100% Free

WFCN is 100% Free for any creative Professional

Smart Way to Submit

Create your project page then click to submit. Simple, Smart & Fast

100% Transparent for Festivals and Submitters

Both ways search engines for festivals and submitters

We Protect your rights

You always retain 100% rights of your intellectual property

100% Safe and Secure

Your work is only accessible to festivals that you submit to and can never be downloaded or shared without your permission

Film Business in a Single Click

WFCN brings filmmakers, producers, exhibitors, distributors, festival curators, and film professionals together on a single platform where they can connect with each other and grow their business