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What are the top 3 Film Submission Gateways?


Now that your film is ready what is your next plan? Definitely, you would like to submit your film to the best film festivals across the world so that your film can acquire popularity and recognition. You must be thinking that where should you submit your films, whether it would be safe or not? This blog comes with a solution to your entire heck. You can now submit your films to the most trusted film submission platforms. This blog interprets your detailed information on the top 3 film submission gateways:



Festhome was started in 2010 in Spain by two seasoned filmmakers. The ability to upload huge files (up to 20 GB) for pre-viewing and film festival shows drew the attention of the filmmakers. Since the last time it was downloaded, the film has been maintained on the server for 6 months. Festhome also has several extra features, such as a VOD service. Indihome TV is a crucial component of the system.


World Film Communities Network (WFCN):


WFCN is a fully integrated, film industry; supporting platform that focuses on bringing all aspects of the business together under one roof. WFCN is a newcomer to the event, having debuted in 2020. WFCN's approach is revolutionary in that it delivers professional networking and film festival submission to your fingertips!

Signing up and enlisting in WFCN is completely free for all film festivals. They operate a search engine that allows film festivals and submitters to find each other in both directions. Filmmakers can look for film festivals and film festivals can look for filmmakers. Film festivals no longer have to pay exorbitant fees to acquire access to the database of film submitters.

Filmmakers can communicate freely with film festivals and submitters. Furthermore, at film festivals, you can see the work of tens of thousands of filmmakers. Invite people from their extensive database of cinema experts and film fans to serve on your jury.

Professionals in the film industry can also use WFCN to enhance their resumes. In order to attract personnel, include details about your work and projects in your profile.

For film festivals that do not demand a submission fee, WFCN is absolutely free. They take a little fee from film festivals that charge a fee for film submissions.



A group of web engineers in Canada created this start-up in 2014. Its founders have taken all of the negative feedback from filmmakers into consideration and created a noteworthy alternative: a free, simple to use, and acceptable service. It has become the fastest-growing gateway for online film festival submissions.A good business model that allows film festivals to save money is the key to their appeal. The additional fee is only collected from fee-paying film festivals. Approximately 60% of the film festivals in Filmfreeway's database are headquartered in the United States, including many Academy Award-winning festivals.

I hope your worries are now taken away by all these film submission gateways. Just log in and submit your best work to the best platform and get recognition following you.

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