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What do you prefer, Indie Movies or Main-stream Movies?

Movies have always been the best source of entertainment for people of all age groups and with different tastes. There has to be a movie of all kinds and that’s the reason why movies are the most welcomed form of entertainment of all times. But movies are also categorized into different genres; precisely Independent and Mainstream. Now the question is which kind of movies do we prefer the most? To know that we need to know what are the differences between a mainstream movie and an Independent movie.

Mainstream movies are much more entertaining than independent movies or Art films because very often the main focus of mainstream movies is to engage people with attractive and funny incidents; they may even lack reality to some extent. This kind of movie holds an audience with attractive songs and item dance numbers. They are produced by big production houses and thus involve renowned actors, actresses, and foreign locations while making the film. On the other hand, if we talk about an Art film; they are way too simple yet contended in terms of presentation and storyline. They often uphold important and serious social and public issues as their subject matter. They keep the audience rooted in reality and create content that is critically appreciated and acclaimed.

But generally, we find that art film despite being so contended lacks a good number of audiences. This is maybe due to less priority from the industry itself which involves lack of funding, lack of good actors, or lack of promotion that holds them back from reaching the audiences. I am not against mainstream movies; every genre has its specialty but it’s not justified to be underrated despite having rich content.


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