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What does the future of Screenwriting looks like?

Movies are the audio-visual representation of a depicted story. Without a good storyline, there is no good movie, and a good storyline demands a good writer; a screenwriter, to be more precise. A screenwriter has the sole responsibility to create unique and genuine content that tends to be the pillar of a great cinema on the screen. Thus, screenwriting, as a profession has enough scope in today’s world.

Filmmakers these days are in search of a good screenwriter and if you have the creativity manifested in you then you will definitely rock the floor. A screenwriter can earn in both ways; getting hired by a filmmaker can earn revenue, again selling their script to a filmmaker can also bring revenue to the writer. Moreover, these days scripts are required for TV shows and daily soaps, and many other creative contents and writers are required for each field.

Thus, writing as a profession has a promising future. All the writers over there come forward and make the most of your profession now.

Kamalika Sarkar

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