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What makes a film entertaining: Must know for indie filmmakers

Is it because it has a fantastic story? Fantastic characters? Is it because the cinematography is stunning? Is it true that each actor delivers an outstanding performance? Is it true that the soundtrack is excellent? The answer is, of course, yes. Yes, to everything. And we recognize it doesn’t really benefit if you’re trying to figure out what parts make a movie great, because obviously — anything will be wonderful if everything about it is fantastic.

We spoke to an expert for a better understanding of a new independent filmmakerand he pointed out 4 elements that make any movie the biggest entertainer.

1. Script

How do you tell a story in a movie? Via dialogues of course! An exciting script, interesting word choices, and brilliant puns are what a blockbuster movie should be made of. Writing is so good that the audience’s hearts will pound faster as you wait to see what is going to happen next. When the scripting is powerful, your audience will be able to play around with their imagination. Films bend the rules and allow people to experience things they wouldn’t otherwise. A script should take your viewers to another dimension, they will look via the eyes of the protagonist, and feel the story, and when a script achieves this, the filmmaker can know that he achieved what he desired. A script is so important that most top film festivals now have a separate category for scriptwriting only.

2. Character

People want to see change nowadays. The definition of film entertainment lies primarily in the character arc. A flat good or bad person does not bring spice to the story. Like normal human beings, heroes are expected to make mistakes, learn from them and be better. People want to find some emotional reason for the antagonist’s cruel behavior. A story only feels complete when it achieves success and when its main characters’ lives to come to a full circle.

3. Acting

Acting serves a variety of functions, including the following: It either reminds us of times gone by or provides us a glimpse of a prospective future. It depicts our unfiltered, vulnerable, emotional, and, at times, terrible and terrifying humanity. It elicits emotion, thinking, debate, awareness, or even imagination. Good actors have the ability to physically express a wide range of emotions on set or stage (via their eyes, bodies, and voices), as well as the ability to control the subtlety with which they express those emotions. With enormous power, however, comes great responsibility. A good actor can bring life to your words.

4. Visual and sound

Sound can be a strong tool in filmmaking. It can transport a spectator to another realm, aid communicate the tale, and carry the plot along. The sound may also be used to elicit emotion and establish the tone of a film. The music of a film is equally as vital as the sights on screen. Filmmakers can use visual effects to create locations, objects, monsters, and even people that would be difficult or impossible to capture in the context of a live-action scene. VFX in movies usually combines live-action footage with computer-generated images (CGI). Even when a film does not need of using VFX, they should still cinematograph the film in an aesthetic manner, which can later be treated to the eyes and souls of the viewers.

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