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Why should you not quit independent filmmaking?

Independent Filmmaking is an arduous path to walk on, but only those who stick to it till the end become successful in their cinematic career. Okay but first let me ask you something: How hard has it been for you?

Yes, you may have been struggling with monetary problems, but is that a justifying reason for quitting filmmaking? Are you sure that going back to your 9 to 5 job will make you feel better or will satiate your creative hunger?

If you are on the fence then, we want you to ask yourself these questions:

Have you worked hard?

J.K. Rowling was rejected by over 100 book publishers before she published the “Harry Potter” book series. Connolly sent 200 letters to get one single job in filmmaking. How many times have you been rejected? How many letters have you sent? The number of effort you have put into your independent cinema till now is enough?

Is there a different choice?

Possess a degree in engineering? Have you ever fixed a car? Is there anything else that would bring you the same level of joy and enthusiasm that making movies does? if not, then quitting making indie films is not an option for you.

Have you tried helping?

The entire independent film industry works on helping each other. You can’t be on the receiving end always. When you are asking for favors, you should be ready to send out favors as well.

Do you actually believe in yourself?

You must have heard the phrase, “Think positive, be positive; Think negative, be negative.” In order to complete an enormous task like filmmaking you must believe in yourself first. Do you genuinely believe you can master the art of making movies? If you do, don’t give up.

We hope that answering these questions has given you a better understanding of who you are as an independent filmmaker. If you’re still debating, I’d advise giving being as disciplined as you can for a season. It’s the untapped creative resource that so many directors fail to use.

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