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  • Film Festival with Live Screenings
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★★ Ready~ Action! Notification Date is 25th April.
Non-competition (professional directors) section Notification Date is Middle of May★★

18th Busan International Kids and Youth Film Festival will be held 10 to 16 July 2023 in Busan, the second biggest city of South Korea.

BIKY is the only young festival in Korea that has provided a venue for young audiences to communicate through various films from all over the world.

BIKY has one competition called 'Ready~Action!' for films directed by young directors who under age of 18. the remaining sections are non-competition for professionals.
For professionals, BIKY presents "Heart-on Award".

Ready~Action : Short films by young directors under age of 18

[Non-competition] : Feature and short by professionals
1) Staying Together: Films focused on conflict and harmony within communities
2) Finding Myself: Films take a journey to discover real identities
3) Embrace the Difference: Films that tell ways to embrace differences and respect each other
4) Beyond the Boundary: Films that show exciting and meaningful adventures
5) Special Program: Feature and short invited films with one special subject
6) Cinema Delivery: Film delivery to the classroom and children will study and play with the film
7) Open Cinema-Moonlight Starlight: Family Films for open-air cinema in summer night
8) Green Pea Cinema: An exchange program between international festivals and films the BIKY distributes

[Reborn the BIKY] : Non competition shorts by young directors under age of 18

Awards & Prizes:

1) Competition : [Ready~Action! Award]
-National : 3 Main awards will be selected by juries in each part of 'Ready~Action! 12/15/18'
-International: 1 Main award will be selected in each part of 'Ready~Action! 12/15/18'

2) Non-competition : [Heart on Award]
-1 Feature & 1 Short will be selected from the nominated films

3) Special Award
-[Asia Tie-up award] : 1 student film selected by juries composed of Asia-tie up network
-[Best Storytelling Award] : Founded by LEE Joo-young, a president of Children Culture Society to encourage young talented story-teller
-[BUMA award]: This award is given by the BUMA Democaric Uprising Memorial Foundation to 1 film from the each Ready~Action! 12,15,18 section that holds the spirit of the BUMA democratic uprising

4) Additional Prize
-[Samir NASR Scholarship] : Established by Samir NASR a Canadian film producer to encourage young filmmaker

Rules & Terms:

- 'Ready~Action!' Jury will be composed of winners of last year's 'Ready~Action'
- 'Heart-on Award' Jury will be composed 3 members of professional directors, actors/actress and festival director from the world

- Short film's length within 30 minutes
- All films should be completed in 2023 and 2022

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