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  • Film Festival with Live Screenings
About :

The principal objective of the Toronto International Film Festival is to promote and encourage awareness, appreciation and understanding of the art of cinema. Festival mandate is to present the most outstanding films produced in every part of the world. Films are selected on the basis of quality and originality. Preference is given to premieres. The Festival also promotes contacts
between industry professionals to assist in the development of the Canadian motion picture industry.

Awards & Prizes:

People's Choice Award - the main award,
People's Choice Best Documentary,
People's Choice Best Midnight Madness film,
Best Canadian Feature,
Best Canadian First Feature,
Best Canadian Short Film,
FIPRESCI's Special Presentation Winner,
FIPRESCI's Discovery Section Winner.

Rules & Terms:

Film have been completed after September 1, 2022;
Features — of 60 minutes or longer; shorts — of 49 minutes or less.
TIFF prefers that all short and feature films presented are, at minimum, North American premieres.

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