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DOCSTRIKE an Fatecs documentary (2023) 8.0

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General Information

Completed On: 18 May, 2023

Director: Mr Henrique Bouduard

Duration: 60 hr 0 min 0 sec

Genres: Documentary, Experimental, Feature, Televisio...

Language: English

Country: Brazil

Submitted By: CULTZONE Filmes

Festival Rating

Discuss a strike and its benefits, for the community involved in its demands. Explain how the dialogue of a minority occurs, with the government entities, which in general are totally bureaucratic and infiltrated with vested interests and disconnected from their major users, such as students, the elderly, environmentalists, workers, among others.

  • Directors
    Henrique bouduard
  • Producers
    Eliana Maurelli
  • Writers
    Gustavo Sampaio
  • Cinematography
    Jonilson Montalvão
  • Film Type
    Documentary, Experimental, Feature, Television, Web / New Media
  • Genres
  • Runtime
    60 hours 0 minutes 0 seconds
  • Completion Date
    18 May, 2023
  • Production Budget
    1000000 USD
  • Country of Origin
  • Country of Filming
  • Film Language
  • Shooting Format
  • Aspect Ratio
  • Film Color
  • Student Project
  • First-time Filmmaker

Director's Biography

Hollywood Director Winner of Best Film +Awarded "22 nominations & 52 Additional Awards" 好莱坞导演最佳影片+获奖"22项提名&52项附加奖"。

[About the Director]
Bouduard is an Best Director Nominated treading by Hollywood, Pinewood & Bollywood cinema, editor, writer, scriptwriter, storyteller and journalist and now LawOfficer too. He has been reading comics since the 1990s, where he formed a vast vision of the comic book universe. In 2003 he founded Portal CULTZONE, writing news, commenting on the news of the comics in Brazil and WorldWideWeb.

The CULTZONE Channel is this main production now, with many stars like Anitta, Kojima and new growth youth casts from streaming bands. He also produces the Hollywood Animated Series "LoneRider (Motoqueiro Solitário)" with great critical success travelling around the world in too many countries, with festivals of cartoons in between London, California, Greece, Italy, India, Canada, Rome, Germany, Brazil, Afrika, Argentina, Chile, Panama, Bolivia, Turkey. Now, series will have new season wich being started.

The games of CULTZONE has received enough attention from the producer, who has made its releases by various platforms around the world, in addition to launching in large chains of stores, and of course inform the public to know their new products of the cultural world, with new games like CULTZONE Sports (soccer), Endurance Champion ( Adventure) and GT-BR (racing). And in the gameplays, he creates the The CULTZONE Pureland, an RPG Board Game Digital, with premiere in the BGS Latin America Game Fair.

In 2022, he joined the select group of technical professors in Brazil to teach about technology, cinema, programming, robotics and multiplayers games, having enough attention to the university environment and its academic book releases, papers and reviews, as well as well-prepared classes with rich content to prepare teenagers and adults for the entertainment market.

[more about]
He developed the board game "Designer Life", with RPG style based on the professional everyday life of a designer. He also created the card game "Morená", based on research on ethnic groups of the Upper Xingú. He also directed the Talk Show "Underwear Tight" on Alltv, weekly at 22:00. He was also a judge of the International Short Film Festival in the Category Shows Kinooikos Training Look, selecting and awarding the best productions entered. He created the game Iron Arms, recreating the classic platform games, such as Double Dragon and Megaman, with AS3 technology.

Director's Statement

"The ultimate foundation of participation is respect for the dignity of the human person."


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