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Dream Time (2023) Poster

Dream Time (2023) 8.5

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General Information

Director: Jude Rawlins

Duration: 1 hr 26 min 46 sec

Genres: Feature


Country: United States

Submitted By: Jude Rawlins

Festival Rating 7.5

  • Directors
    Jude Rawlins
    Little Johnny Jewel, Albion Rising, Songs of Alchemy, The Divine Image, Tea With Judee Sill, Faust, Red
  • Producers
    Bella Ward
    Little Johnny Jewel, Red
  • Writers
    Jude Rawlins
    Little Johnny Jewel, Albion Rising, Faust, Red
  • Film Type
  • Genres
  • Runtime
    1 hours 26 minutes 46 seconds
  • Production Budget
  • Country of Origin
    United States
  • Country of Filming
  • Film Language
  • Shooting Format
  • Aspect Ratio
  • Film Color
  • Student Project
  • First-time Filmmaker

Dream Time Theatrical Premiere
United States
North American Premiere

Director's Biography

Jude Rawlins is a British-Irish filmmaker, musician, artist and writer based in the USA. He was born in Birmingham, England, in 1972. He worked primarily in the music business as a singer, guitarist, songwriter and producer, from the age of 15. He released eleven albums with his band Subterraneans between 1992 and 2017. He also fronted the band Angelhead as a teenager, and more recently released two albums as Your Ghost with Serbian pianist Marina Vesic. His first major foray into film was in 2009 with the experimental feature Albion Rising, starring Dudley Sutton and Juliet Landau. He toured internationally as guitarist with the Lene Lovich Band from 2012 to 2019, when he decided to pursue filmmaking full time with his planned feature film Little Johnny Jewel. He moved to the United States in 2020.

For directing Little Johnny Jewel, Jude was the recipient of the 2022 Jean Luc Godard Award, the last time the award would be given for a film made during Godard's lifetime. He also won Best Director at Berlin Indie, and received an award from the Rossellini Institute in Rome, among many others.

His father is a keen playwright, poet and photographer, and gave Jude his first 35mm camera for his ninth birthday. His mother was a professional seamstress in London during the 60s, and designed outfits for the artist Pauline Boty. He is married to American actress Rebecca Haroldson.

Director's Statement

I make films about people, with music and poetry and substance and depth, all the things Hollywood doesn't make, for all the people Hollywood doesn't understand, which is virtually everyone. So I decided to find my tribe and just create my own film industry somewhere far away from all of that, somewhere where we could just make up our own rules as we went along and break them whenever we felt like it, somewhere where I could codify my filmmaking philosophy and have fun doing so. That place is Iowa.


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