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Diana  Ramos Santiago Carter
Diana  Ramos Santiago Carter
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Diana Ramos-Santiago Carter stands as a remarkable and multi-faceted individual, adorned with accolades as an Army Veteran, multi award-winning Producer, and the trailblazing CEO of Panther Trail Films Production and Arykas & Ybots Public Relations Firm. With a legacy entrenched in the entertainment industry, Diana multifarious talents encompass a spectrum of skills, including Search Engine Optimization (SEO), astute Negotiation, strategic Product Placement, deft Exit Strategies, and the weighty responsibilities of a CEO. Her leadership at Arykas & Ybots, headquartered in North Hollywood, has earned her an array of prestigious accolades, solidifying her reputation as a visionary leader.

In 2021, Diana's entrepreneurial prowess led to her nomination for the Forbes inaugural Top Next 1000—a testament to her inspiring journey towards remarkable success. She holds an active membership in esteemed organizations within the film industry, including the American Film Institute, EMMYS Chapters in California and Florida, the Academy Museum, the Radiance Film Festival, Film Independent, and the illustrious Sundance Institute. Her commitment to the industry is further illuminated by her role as a judge for the EMMYS, a position she has held since 2021. Diana's commendable achievements have been celebrated on numerous occasions, most notably with the prestigious MUSE award in 2021. Her trail of recognition extends to nominations for the Woman of Inspiration and SHE Inspires Leadership Awards, as well as receiving the distinguished Los Angeles Business Woman Award. Within the film industry, her expertise flourishes across various roles, including that of a High-powered Hollywood Film Producer, adept Talent Manager, discerning Casting Director, Distribution Rep, and accomplished Senior Public Relations Analyst. Through her illustrious career, Diana has seamlessly collaborated with celebrated directors, accomplished producers, and distinguished actors in a myriad of TV and film productions. Diana's resolute leadership, unwavering determination, imaginative creativity, and proactive approach have significantly contributed to her
impressive track record in the film industry. Her unceasing focus on self-improvement in Film Production, Financing, and Distribution consistently sets her apart and opens up new horizons on a global scale. Diana's repertoire boasts over 50 certifications acrossvarious facets of film production, underscoring her commitment to excellence



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Education : Doctorate

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